Christian Kane

If “90% of life is showing up,” then Christian Kane is living right. The talented star has made the iconic Woody Allen quote his motto, and his successful multi-faceted career is proof positive that his commitment to creating his own path is the best way to land on top. Today, Kane is earning high praise and notable acclaim, both on screens and on the music scene.

On TNT’s hit series “The Librarians”, Kane plays Jake Stone, an Oklahoma oil worker with a penchant for art history and an IQ that could give “Scorpion”‘s Walter O’Brien a run for his money. Currently filming its third season, “The Librarians”, from Dean Devlin and Electric Entertainment, was the most-watched cable debut of 2014. The series finished 2014 as cable’s No. 2 new series!

Kane played Eliot Spencer, retrieval specialists/resident badass for five seasons on TNT’s TV series “Leverage”. “Leverage” won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Cable TV Drama in 2013. This was the role, he says “I came to Hollywood to play.” “This is the role you dream about as a kid.” “When you are watching Harrison Ford (“Indiana Jones…”) and Kurt Russell (“Big Trouble in Little China”) and Jean Reno (“Leon: The Professional”) you want to be all those things, and I got to roll them into one!” The popular series, enjoyed much success and has created a undying legion of fans in its first run and in syndication. As he embraces the dramatic side of the role and relishes the comedy, not often paired in television with such a beautiful blend as this show provides, Kane puts his old hat on as the Steve McQueen student of Life, DIY, and Pain. This time, not only doing his own fights (ala “Angel”) but choreographing them as well. After 13 years of doing his own stunts, the seasoned screen brawler gets to use his knowledge from the likes of Mike Massa, Kevin Jackson, Walter Scott, etc., to feed the bad guys a slice of “pain cake”, best served cold.

Well known for the role of Lindsey McDonald in Joss Whedon’s “Angel,” which garnered him worldwide recognition, Kane’s TV resume includes a leading role in the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced, CBS televisions series “Close To Home” and playing “High Wolf” for Stephen Spielberg in the TNT miniseries “Into The West.” Kane has made his mark in big-screen films that include “Friday Night Lights”; “Just Married,” where he starred with Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy; “Life Or Something Like It”, where he played the fiancé of the beautiful Angelina Jolie; “Secondhand Lions,” in which he was honored to play a young Robert Duvall; “Summer Catch;” “Hide;” and “Taxi” to name a few.

With the launch of his debut album “The House Rules” and the title single under his belt, Kane’s music stock is also on the rise. While Kane has actively pursued his acting career at the same time, his efforts in the music world have caught fire. A second single “Let Me Go,” powered his Fall 2011 “Raising Kane” Tour that played to packed houses throughout the United States and finished the year in the UK. He’s sold over 50,000 records to date. The loyal fans of the band and Christian Kane himself have titled themselves “The Kaniacs.” Kane reacts, “These are my people, these are my tribe.”

In addition to his Q&A on our Main Events Stage, Christian will be presenting a very special acoustical performance at StarFest on Saturday night. Tickets are just $25 each for this special event and will be very limited, be sure to get yours quickly!

As Christian Kane continues to chart his own course in his multi-faceted, evolving career, it’s clear that he will stay true to his own version of success and always live by his own “house” rules.

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