DENVER COMICFEST 2017 – April 21-23, 2017

Hilton Garden Inn

Artist Alley Table Information

 ComicFest 2017bam will be the entire weekend and back at the Hilton Garden Inn which is just across the street from the Marriott DTC.    Each Artist will have a 6 foot table and it includes 1 convention memberships to StarFest and ComicFest for the entire weekend.


 TABLE COST:  One 6 foot table space is $125.00


You receive 1 memberships to StarFest/ComicFest for each table purchased. These tables are reserved for Comic Artists and subject to approval by the Comic Fest Chair. To purchase your table please follow the link: ComicFest Artist Alley Tables.

If you have additional questions about the Denver ComicFest Artist Alley please email KathE Walker at kewalker@starland,com or (720)261-0570

These amazing artists and many more, will be joining us this year—

Jesse Neumann is a custom tattoo artist and free lance illustrator with a BA from The Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. He did an internship with Devil’s Due Publishing after college. He has done illustration work for Drambuie liqueur and mural art in Denver and Detroit. Jesse has been tattooing for 10 years and is currently working at Alternative Arts Tattoo in Littleton Colorado. He is available for art commissions and tattoo consultations.

Laurissa Hughes grew up in Colorado and has been drawing since she was knee-high to a grasshopper. A love of storytelling became a passion for Storyboarding and Comics, and she received a degree in Animation. She currently works as a freelance artist in Colorado, doing storyboards, comics, illustration, and animation.  Laurissa also enjoys snowboarding, playing the clarinet, learning foreign languages, and watching lots of British television.
Amanda McManaman is a Colorado native and loves being creative. She is currently hard at work writing and drawing her new graphic novel “Stars Falling Down”, as well as wide array of freelance projects. An avid follower of dreams, she could easily lose too many hours reading fantasy novels and playing video games if she let herself. Become a McManaFAN at and by liking her Facebook page!
Robin & Cory Childs fell in love over storytelling in the unlikeliest of places.  Both were studying engineering, yet discovered instead a passion for creativity, characters, and narrative.  In 2012, we started our own company, Moko Press, dedicated to sharing our stories.  Since then, we’ve published three beautiful books for Robin’s series “LeyLines,” and are planning to release the first issues of a brand new series in early 2017 called Wavemen.   Please come by our table for a free sketch and explore the exciting stories we have to offer!
LeyLines” is about an irresponsible prince, his dream-weaving sister, and their adopted brother.  When a goddess of dreams asks them for help, their quest will force them to choose between their future and their family.  This high fantasy adventure takes place in a rich invented world with its own language, history, and myths.  Sure to delight anyone who loves depth and nuance in characters and cultures.
Wavemen,” celebrates the Japanese legends Cory grew up reading.  This historical fantasy is set in Heian Japan, following a team of legendary heroes tasked by the Emperor with solving supernatural crime.  Momotaro, the newest member of the team, struggles to reconcile being a hero with the horror that he faced on Oni Island.  Everyone seems convinced Momotaro will live up to his legend, but will they still want him on the team once they learn the truth about what he’s done?
Crystal McDowell, a Colorado native, has been illustrating most of her life. She enjoys connecting with others through her art from a mutual love of fantasy, anime, and video games.  When she isn’t creating artwork and comics, she also bakes, gardens, reads, and homebrews. She enjoys telling comic stories, especially from her own original series, Brews & Bruises, about two best friends exploring dungeons and brewing magical beer together! You can see her work at and see her comic work at
Phil R Harris is a local illustrator, educator, and fine artist from Denver. Formal education from RMCAD, BFA in illustration Denver. And in illustration, at SVA, MFA in illustration N.Y. He has had numerous group and solo shows around the country and has tutored and taught since 2001.
Recently he has enjoyed participating in more group shows, doing private commissions, and committing to personal work
Craig “Pepper” DeLuca is a transplant from Florida, living in Lakewood.  He went to Miami International University of Art & Design and received a BFA.  He has been a freelance graphic designer and illustrator that will be taking commissions at his table (prices will be posted).  At the Beginning of 2017 he and his husband started Peppercopia Publishing, an independent comic publisher and launched their first title Camp Fire Stories of Lake Kikipapi.  Both he and William (Bill his husband) are co creators of the series and the second book is currently in the works for later this year.
My name is Otis Thompson. I’ve been drawing every since I could hold a crayon. I consider my talent a blessing from God, because drawing is something I’ve always known how to do. I never took classes to learn my skill. My art style is more of the 80’s and 90’s comic look. I also consider myself a “Mash-up Pin-up” comic artist. I enjoy placing two unlikely comic and cartoon characters on paper that people may not see together normally. My craft is my love, my therapy, my escape, and I enjoy sharing it with people. I thank God for this gift every day.

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