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Avistrum Academy of Sorcery

The Tales From Avistrum Show Series is an interactive entertainment experience set in the fictional world created by J.K Rowling.

Fun for the entire family, all ages are welcome. All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. All events and classes presented by Avistrum Academy are free of charge at StarFest. Produced by Mischief Managed Entertainment. Find us on facebook.




Friday Night

Friday Night Celebration
7:00PM: Doors to Avistrum Open

Come and spend a fun evening with Avistrum as they celebrate the opening of the first ever National Park in the newly created Magical Parks and Recreation Department!

*Sample and enjoy free wizarding candies in the Candy Bar, sponsored by the Dark Hunters: Teen Titan Division (it was a joke and looks to be sticking)
*”Open Pitch” to play Quidditch on the PS2! Train for the 12th Annual Starfest Quidditch Tournament!

*Arts and crafts in the Enigmus Common Room!

*Registration opens for the Triwizard Tournament! Become the new Grand Champion! Ask anyone with Avistrum for details.

*Reserve your place for any of the classes Avistrum is presenting over the weekend, free of cost! Classes tend to fill quickly, so claim your spot and don’t miss out.

9:30PM: Doors to Avistrum Close for the Evening.


10:00AM: Doors to Avistrum Open

10:00AM-4:00PM: 12th Annual Quidditch Tournament!
Become this year’s Starfest Quidditch champion and take home a Championship Medallion and Certificate! Played on the PS2 due to Statute of Secrecy, sign up for a spot with Assistant Quidditch Coach, Joleen Latrova

(Quidditch Pitch is closed during classes.)

11:30AM-12:30PM: Charms Magic w/ Enigmus Prefect Honor Vespin and Miles Hart of Colubrae
In this special presentation brought to you by your fellow students, you shall delve deeper into the world of talismans and amulets!

How are they created and what are they used for? What is their history and what are the differences? These gentlemen have been studying with the guidance of Professor Blackwell and have knowledge that they are excited to share!

2:00PM-3:00PM: Divination w/ Lobostro Prefect Elizabeth Bumble
One of your resident Bumbles and Teen Titan member, this Prefect has always had a passion for the art of Divination. In this thought-provoking class, you will discover your own emotional connections to magic and discover ways to better your spellcasting! Want to become a better Duelist? Would you like to become a more capable potions master? Don’t miss this class!

3:30PM: 12th Annual Starfest Quidditch Finals and Championship Match
The finalists shall compete to see who takes home the certificate and coveted title of Starfest Quidditch Champion 2017! Not playing in the Tournament? Come and cheer on the players in this fun and lively event!

quidditch champ stuff
AFTER THE QUIDDITCH TOURNAMENT: The Doors to Avistrum Close for the Evening
Have a fun and safe night! We’ll see you in the morning.


10:00AM: The Doors to Avistrum Open
12:00PM-1:00PM: Mind Magic w/ Magical Park Ranger, Jake Winchester
Formerly a decorated Auror, Jake has left the law enforcement world to become one of the first Park Rangers of the Magical Parks and Recreation Department! With this journey he has also made some fascinating discoveries that connect our minds with magic. Join this class and you just may meet your Patronus or perhaps discover your possible Animagus.

2:00PM: The Doors to Avistrum Close for the Weekend

Thank you for joining us! Make sure to register for the Fall Show at MileHiCon 49, Oct. 27th-29th. Special discounted rates for Starfest attendees will expire soon! Ask an Avistrum cast member for the discount code!
Register at www.avistrum.org


The room may be closed, but we are not done yet! Don’t miss the Third Task
of the Triwizard Tournament, Wizard Jeopardy!

4:00PM: Wizard Jeopardy! This is not in the Avistrum Room.
This event is located in Panel Room 1, Aspen Room

Do not miss this exciting Third Task where the final three competitors will battle it out to see who will become this year’s Triwizard Champion!

Even if you’re not competing, attend the event and get your raffle ticket in order to win one of our fantastic Door Prizes! The prizes are brought to you by Barnes & Noble Bookstores, Cave of the Winds, The Geekly Planet and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

But in order to win, you have to be there! This event is always a cauldron of laughs!