Greetings! We are ecstatic to announce the TARDIS is landing at StarFest! WhoFest will be held all weekend at the Marriott DTC and is included with your ticket purchase for StarFest 2017. As an added bonus, it will be here for three days. That’s right, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!  Join local fans and others as we celebrate everything that is The Doctor. For up to date information, please visit and like our Facebook Page.
WhoFest features nearly 24 solid hours of Doctor Who related activities and panels throughout the convention weekend. Allons-y!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Schedule: Coming Soon

  • The WhoCrew:


    Shad Gray

    ShadA fan of sci-fi throughout his life, Shad Gray would watch Doctor Who on PBS as a child. Fascinated by the show but unable to ever see a complete story, it wasn’t until the 2005 revival of the show that he became truly hooked. Thanks to DVD, and the ability to go back and watch all of the available classic episodes, Shad’s fascination quickly turned to passion. The episodes he loved as a child became grander than ever, as seen in their full context. In 2013 he turned his fandom up a notch and founded Torchwood Seven: Denver, a Colorado based fan group that publishes news and original articles about episodes, books, audios, toys and anything else related to the program.

    Favorite Doctors: 2nd, 4th, War, and 10th all top the list.

    Favorite Companion: Captain Jack Harkness (Note the stripes).

    Favorite Villain:  “Whatever it was” from the planet Midnight.

    Favorite Story: Probably ‘Day of the Doctor’, which was an epic story. It’s between that and ‘Death of the Doctor’ from The Sarah Jane Adventures, or ‘Stolen Earth’/’Journeys End’ because it brought everyone together.

    Jacob Dunn

    JacobJacob has been a Whovian for about three years, is a world traveler, and likes long walks on the beach. He began watching the show, starting with Christopher Eccleston. After Matt Smith, Jacob began watching classic Who, and still has a long way to go.





    Favorite Doctor: 10th

    Favorite Companion: Martha Jones

    Favorite Villain: The Daleks

    Favorite Story: ‘Blink’

    Sarah Lathrop

    SarahSarah is a teacher at Denver Public Schools. She was introduced to Doctor Who about 3.5 years ago by her husband’s parents. At first she was a bit hesitant to start a new show and will admit that she didn’t immediately get hooked, but after about the sixth episode she couldn’t stop watching.



    Favorite Doctors: 10th, 4th, and War

    Favorite Companions: Martha Jones and Cinder (from the book “Engines of War”)

    Favorite Villain: The Daleks

    Favorite Story: ‘Silence in the Library’

    Heather Maloney

    Heather and JohnHeather is the National Doctor Who Examiner for as well as a host on two Podcasts; The Geek Port and WhoGirls.   She was recently highlighted by BBC America in their 50th Anniversary – Best of Doctor Who Online Celebration.

    Heather remembers Doctor Who from her childhood, but it would be an understatement to say that she was terrified of Tom Baker.  She really became a Whovian with the 2005 season, and has since revisited the classic episodes and loves it all!

    Favorite Doctor:  2nd

    Favorite Companion: Jamie McCrimmon

    Favorite Villain: The Cybermen

    Favorite Story: ‘The War Games’

    Kristin Max Polizzo

    Kristin (Max) stumbled upon a Doctor Who episode with David Tennant while channel surfing, then later on started watching more avidly via Netflix about 5 years ago. When shes not watching BBC, she loves hanging upside down, doing tricks on her Aerial silks, crocheting, and making many crafts.

    Favorite Doctor: David Tennant

    Favorite Companion: Rose Tyler

    Favorite Villain: Vashta Nerada

    Favorite Story: ‘Blink’

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