StarFest 2016

April 20-22, 2018
Marriott Denver Tech Center • Denver CO

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  • Malcolm Barrett
  • Dean Devlin
  • Bad Samaritan
  • Roger Cross
    Malcolm Barrett

    Gigi Edgley
    Malcolm Barrett

    Actor • Rapper • Rufus Carlin in TimelessHoover in Preacher

    Malcolm is best known for his current role on the NBC TV series Timeless as the time-travelling scientist Rufus Carlin.

    Mr. Barrett was born and raised in Brooklyn NY and dabbles in poetry, improvisation, and stand-up comedy. He won the Yough Playwright competition at the Manhattan Class Company and started his acting career appearing in the TV series The Beat. He has been featured on and cast in several TV series including: The Sopranos, Law and Order, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Psych, The Ghost Whisperer, Monk, Zombie Murder Explosion Die!, The Sketch Show and Better Off Ted.

    Malcolm Barrett will be attending StarFest April 21st and 22nd.

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    Dean Devlin

    Mary Chieffo
    Dean Devlin

    Producer • Actor • Director

    We are so happy to welcome Dean Devlin back to Denver! Dean first came to StarFest back in 1994 to promote his movie Stargate. He returned in 1996 with Independence Day and in 2002 with Eight Legged Freaks. This year, Dean is bringing his latest film Bad Samaritan, which he directed. He will present a special trailer for the movie during Trailer Park on Saturday with a Q&A following his trailer. Later that night he will be screening the film at the Continental Theater.

    Aside from feature films, Dean has been busy in the last couple of decades producing TV productions like the very successful series Leverage, The Librarians and most recently The Outpost.

    Bad Samaritan

    Dr. Kenneth Carpenter
    Bad Samaritan

    Horror, Thriller

    Two young men who valet cars at a local restaurant develop a clever scam to burglarize the houses of the restaurant's customers. Things go smoothly until one robs the wrong customer and discovers a woman being held captive. Afraid of going to prison, he leaves the woman and returns the car to the restaurant. Filled with guilt, he makes a call to the police, who find nothing when they investigate. Now, the valet must endure the wrath of the kidnapper who seeks revenge on him, all while desperately trying to find and rescue the captive woman he left behind.


    Bad Samaritan opens in theaters everywhere on May 4th.

    Roger Cross

    Dr. Kenneth Carpenter
    Roger Cross


    Roger Cross currently appears in TV series The X-Files as Officer Wentworth, but has starred in an unbelievable number of popular TV series and movies including: As Six aka Griffin Jones on Dark Matter, Reggie Fitzwilliam on the Guillermo Del Toros series The Strain, and Travis Verta on Continuum.

    Cross appears recurrently on Arrow and Motive! He captivated audiences as Jack Bauers fellow agent, Curtis Manning, on 24. He starred on First Wave, The Guard, and The Gates. He has had recurring roles on Fringe, Charlies Angels, The L Word, Stargate, Taken, Higher Ground, The X-Files, The Commish, The Days, Peacemakers, Just Cause and more.
    He has Guest Starred on Star Trek-Enterprise, UC Undercover, Highlander, Andromeda, Outer Limits, Sliders, Street Justice, and Neon Rider.
    Roger also appeared on Everything That Rises, Fathers Choice, Aftershock, The Color of Courage, Voyage Of Terror, Oklahoma City, Doomsday Rock, Baby 2000, Captains Courageous, The Surrogate, Tailhook, Dont Talk To Strangers, The Winter Garden, Playing For Keeps, Deliver Them From Evil to name a few.

    His many film roles include Mad Money, The Day The Earth Stood Still, The Chronicles Of Riddick, Kings Ransom, Ecks vs Sever, Liberty Stands Still, Deadly Little Secrets, Free Willy III, Whats Your Verdict, Double Jeopardy
    , Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center and more.

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