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These are the panels and activities from 2017. We are just getting started with the fabulous programming for 2018. Check back here for updates!

Workshops — get more in-depth with a subject

Author Panels — panels presented by some of the authors attending StarFest

Cosplay — events and guests

Special Movie Screenings — See films presented by their directors

An Introduction to the Royal Manticoran Navy

Do you have a little Honor Harrington in you? Come meet the official Fan association for the Honorverse, and find out what fans of the David Weber books find so engaging.

Apsara Intergalactic Bellydance Workshop

Support the Rebel Alliance – take a crash course in bellydancing. You don’t need a gold bikini to honor the spirit of Princess Leia. Learn some basic Middle Eastern moves, and take a strong, sexy stand against the Empire.

Battle of the Bands Xbox 360 Style

Does your group have the style and energy to play as a rock band? If so come perform like Gwar or Slipknot in battle of the bands. In this battle, bands will perform while playing the Xbox 360, game choices are Lego or original rock band. The challenge is to play a three-song set and win audience approval. The question is — does your band have what it takes to outperform 4 other bands to earn a title as rock band champs?

Battlestar Trivia

The crew of Battlestar Stormbringer return with the popular “Galactica Trivia” once more! Questions range from easy to hard and cover all of the TV series and movies of the Battlestar universe. Prizes for the winner, and a fun time for all!

Behind the Ears: The Experience of A Disney Cast Member

Be our guest on a magical journey through the multi-billion dollar swamp that houses Walt Disney World. Enter this enchanted panel room and learn about the ins and out of being a Disney Cast Member. Your Very Much Alive Host (no Ghost Hosts here) will take you through the life as a Disney College Program Cast Member. Additionally, as a wanna-be Imagineer, your guide will provide first-hand tales of the engineering that goes into making that 27,000 acres of Florida The Most Magical Place On Earth.

Bully Awareness

Listen and discuss bully awareness and ways to deal with bullying to help us take a stand against bullying.

CharaCouture Fashion show

See the latest in fashion inspired by your favorite characters and fandoms as presented by the designers of CharaCouture!

Colorado Movie Cars

The Colorado Movie Cars will be back at StarFest. With nearly 60 vehicles within our network, Colorado Movie Cars represents one of the largest film and television replica car clubs in the world! We’re bringing five cars this year: Wonder Z, the Bullet Bill Yaris, Apature (from Portal), Chimero (Mad Max themed car) and Mystery Machine. Visit us on Facebook at

Creature Features and Puppetry

Puppeteers share their experiences performing iconic and original characters from their award-winning Dark Crystal fan film, The Promise. Learn about the behind-the-scenes magic that went into creating the creatures, props and puppets developed for the project.

Exploding T.A.R.D.I.S. Painting Class

Kick back, relax, and let your creative juices flow! Blue Jasmine Studios presents this beginner-friendly class. Create your own beautiful ‘Doctor Who’ inspired ‘Exploding TARDIS’ canvas painting.

Whether you are new to painting or one of the Old Masters, you are sure to have a good time! Our experienced instructor will guide and encourage you as you follow a series of simple steps. Everyone gets to keep their masterpiece! Bring the whole family for painting fun! Recommend for ages 10 and up, children should be accompanied by an adult.

Class is offered at a special show discount, $25/person. Seating is limited. Presented by Blue Jasmine Studios.

Please note, registration is non-refundable (we cannot refund a missed class). Register here.

Fear in the Post Apocalypse

Zombies, raiders, nuclear radiation, our own survival instincts are all prevalent threats in the Post Apocalypse. This sub-genre of Horror explores the themes of Fear and Survival through elements of the uncanny valley. Things that aren’t quite real, but could be. Dystopia Rising explores this setting using elements of Theater and Sports. Immerse yourself in an entire weekend of Live Action Role Play. In this panel we’ll discuss how to bring those elements of Horror to life and the community that makes it all worthwhile.

Forced Diversity in Comics: Pandering or Necessary?

Diversity is a wonderful thing. Nobody with half a brain can logically argue otherwise. When it is forced, however, is when problems arise. We will take a look at the current influx of established characters getting a “diversification” versus creating brand new characters.

Game Development: From 8-bit assembly language to eSports and VR

Seasoned game and VR developers will discuss games and game development. Games they are building today including eSports video games, VR, and more will be presented. They will also visit the 8-bit era and how they used to build games. This panel will include an extended Q&A session.

Gorram Browncoats

Join fellow Browncoats for a discussion centered on Joss Whedon’s Firefly / Serenity ‘Verse. Learn about our upcoming local group activities, Shindigs and the Can’t Stop The Serenity charity screening of Serenity. Share with us your love of this shiny tv series and film.

Intergalactic Influences on Love, Sexuality and Relationship

Facilitated discussion about how science fiction and fantasy have influenced our ideas about love, sexuality and human relationships. We will explore topics including Star Trek‘s first interracial kiss, Captain Jack Harkness’ bisexuality, Heinlein’s influence on non-monogamy and whether Jedi can or should fall in love. All of these are fair game during this discussion as we share and identify the ways in which our favorite universes, stories and characters have shaped, changed or reinforced our real life relationships and attitudes about love. (Suggested audience 18+).

Inventing the Future: The Star Trek Designs of Rick Sternbach

From 1978 to 2002, Rick contributed starship, prop and graphic designs to the Star Trek universe, beginning with Star Trek The Motion Picture, working in traditional media such as pen and colored marker, up to computer renders to assist the visual effects artists. A bonus section has been added to show the restoration of the Original Series U.S.S. Enterprise at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air & Space Museum.

Junkyard Derby

Take “Junkyard Wars” and a pinewood derby, mix’em together, and you get the Junkyard Derby! Kids will have two hours to build a junk car out of random junk supplies weighing no more than 8 oz. The challenge will be to build a junkyard car that rolls the furthest down a ramp and along a straight-away. The three cars that roll the farthest will win engineering prizes!
Sponsored by the USS-Pioneer Engineering department.

Karaoke Test of Bravery

For some reason, people are afraid of getting up and singing in front of their friends, especially friends they haven’t met yet, or see once a year. The best way to confront your fears is just to jump in and face them. We are a supportive crowd of your friends, happy to clap and cheer for you, sing along when you forget the words or the melody and just be happy you are with us.

Let All the Children Boogie

“Let the Children lose it, let the children use it, let all the children boogie.” Thus sang David Bowie, who had become Ziggy Stardust, forever endearing himself to the world as an “androgynous, alien, pop star, messiah.” This presentation considers the sci-fi infused music of David Bowie, Sun Ra, Magma and Janelle Monáe. As a group, we’ll consider why so many sci-fi characters make such jammin’ music, and what they want us, as listeners, to do about it.

Make and Take Model Trees

Make a miniature tree with the Colorado Model Railroad Museum. Learn how to make miniature models of the natural world, and take home your very own model tree!

The Man in the High Castle

The Man in the High Castle is an Amazon original series based on Philip K. Dick’s 1962 novel of the same name. The book and Amazon series covers an alternate history where, in 1962, intrigues of the Cold War wage against the WW II victorious axis powers Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. We will discuss the alternative history, main characters and story arcs of seasons 1 and 2 on Amazon.

Meet the Stormbringer

Battlestar Stormbringer, the local chapter of the Colonial Ministry of Defense (a Battlestar Galactica club) is celebrating 10 years at StarFest! Come meet the crew and learn how you too can be a part of the fight against the Cylons.

MileHiCon Challenge Panel: Best Current SciFi on TV!

We seem to be in a Golden Age for sci-fi on television. From Agents of SHIELD to The Expanse, Supernatural to The Walking Dead, Killjoys to Daredevil … whatever your taste, there’s something to savor. But what is the best current SF/F/H show? Come defend your favorite at the MileHiCon Challenge Panel!

Outpost Live!

In this interactive session, audience members get to take part in a recording of a mini-episode of the award-winning audio drama Outpost: A Star Trek Fan Production! During the first session, we’ll record the episode, and, during the second session, we’ll play back the completed mini-episode for the audience and do a Q&A session!

Phee: Dirty Pop and Creating the Marvel of Music

Political, societal and social criticism – science fiction has been the method of entertainment that can make the truths of human reality come to life in a more-than-digestable manner. In this presentation, “Dirty Pop” singer Phee delves into the world of science fiction through her upcoming Cyberpunk concept series, “Eclan.”
Stop in to learn more about Phee, get comic book, multi-album, television and big screen conglomerate-in-the-works and experience the world of science fiction’s gritty assimilation into the popular music industry.

The Pink Away Team

Captain’s log Stardate 13077.4. We departed the Earth System for a most deserving R&R in Risa. We encounter a disturbance near the planet, a wormhole appeared suddenly and pulled our ship into the dark…

Don’t miss the Pink Away Team new mission. Find out what happen next!

Podcasting on the Cheap

We live in an age of content creators. This panel will cover ways to create that content on a minimal budget. From the cell phone you already have in your pocket, to cheap tools found on amazon, Podcasting or video content creation doesn’t have to be an expensive task.

Religion in Star Trek

Now a popular tradition, this panel discusses the nuances of religion in Star Trek. From Gene Roddenberry’s take on religion, to comparisons of other worlds’ beliefs to Earth’s. It’s not limited to Star Trek, as we have even tackled Star Wars. Everything’s open to discussion. Religion is a sensitive topic, so please be respectful of everyone’s input.

Richard Hatch Memorial

Battlestar Stormbringer remembers the life and career of Richard Hatch. Many remember Richard as Apollo on the original Battlestar Galactica, Tom Zarek in the re-imagined series and as a frequent convention go-er. Come join us as we share stories and memories of Mr Hatch with Battlestar flair.

Sci-Fi Elements in Fantasy

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Or so Clarke’s third law says. In a game that uses high fantasy as a troupe, can elements of Sci-Fi be used without breaking genre? Time-travel is an easy example, and in this panel we’ll explore what sort of stories can be told that mix the two genres well, and which don’t.

Science Fiction & Space Art

This is a look at the paintings, drawings and computer art of Rick Sternbach from 1972 onward. Astronomical illustrations and science fiction views of our possible future in space have been created for books and magazines, as well as television and film projects.

Star Trek IQ Test

Test your Star Trek IQ to determine whether you are a Star Trek Cadet or a Star Trek Genius! Star Trek fans of all ages are welcome to take a written exam to determine their Star Trek IQ. Can you score over 160 to be called a Star Trek Genius? The exam will test knowledge of original Star Trek, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager & Enterprise episodes and all Star Trek movies. Even if you took our test last year, join us again as we will have new test questions. This is your chance to show your knowledge of the Star Trek universe. Each participant takes the test individually – not yelling out the answer or being called on to answer a question. All participants will receive a ribbon showing their Star Trek IQ level and score, and a special trophy (that any Star Trek fan would love) will be awarded for top score. This is a family-friendly activity, but the test is guaranteed to be challenging to any Star Trek fan. This is not a come-and-go panel. Please be punctual since the timed test will begin 5 minutes after the panel starts.

Star Trek Trivia

Come test your knowledge of all Star Trek television series and Star Trek movies. Prizes will be given out to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. New questions have been added. Will you be the one to walk away with 1st place and bragging rights as the Star Trek Trivia champion?

Star Trek vs Star Wars

This panel will discuss the greatest on-going sci-fi debate: which one is better, Star Trek or Star Wars? The presentation will contrast and compare the two sci-fi adventures in various ways, such as who had the better special effects, space gadgets, story line, characters or music. Which made the most money? Which affected us more socially and culturally? Which was the most realistic? In the end, the audience’s final vote about which one is the best will speak for itself. After the vote we will have the usual “Yoda” sing-along of the song made famous by Weird Al Yankovich. May the Force Be with You! Live Long and Prosper!

Star Wars Trivia

In this trivia contest open to 12 players, the questions will be asked at light speed! Players will have to decide if the answer is true or false. Prizes are offered to the top three.

StarFest Talent Show

Do you have a song you need to sing? A skit you need to perform? The Main Event’s Stage is the place to do it on Sunday morning! Sign up Friday and Saturday at Costume Contest registration (near Convention Information). Walk-ons will be accepted on Sunday if time permits. Please keep performances to under 5 minutes each. Categories are 18+ and under 18.

So warm up those pipes, practice that guitar, or put the finishing touches on your skit!! You could be StarFest’s Most Talented!

Stargate Trivia with a Twist

Test your knowledge of Stargate: SG-1 in a fun, simple and (perhaps) unexpected format! Prizes will be awarded. Three rounds, and anyone who wants to participate will be able to. Come have some fun!

Steampunk in Denver

Where do you go to find Steampunk in Denver? We’ve got some great ideas and groups you can check out.

Tabletop Literacy

An examination of the ways in which tabletop gaming and literacy can be combined.

Texas Hold-‘Em

Looking for some action Friday night? Join the USS Pioneer for a free, no-limit Texas-Hold-‘Em Tournament! The game starts at 9:00 pm, with set-up starting at 8:30 pm in the Atrium. Players must be at least 18 years of age to play. Sheets listing the chip values and hand ranks will be available to keep it easy. You’ll have fun even if you haven’t played much!

Prizes will be awarded for those who reach the final table and for the tournament champion. We will have other random prizes throughout the game. Registration begins at 5:00 pm at the USS Pioneer check-in table near Main Registration and goes until 8:30 pm. We’ll also be selling the StarFest commemorative poker chips for charity, benefiting the Dumb Friends League and American Diabetes Association. Only $5 each. These chips will be available at the USS Pioneer check-in table Friday night, the poker tournament and at the Federation Ball Saturday night. Shuffle up and deal!!!


Buffy, Angel, Firefly, The Avengers, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and many more. Celebrate the many worlds of Joss Whedon with a lively interactive panel. We’ll be debating and discussing our favorites and speculating on the future. “Joss is Boss!”

The “Who Is Your Favorite Princess?” Luau

Come and enjoy a luau and try your hand at Disney princess trivia. Prizes awarded.

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