We know you have an inner Klingon. Join House VamPyr and friends and learn how to bring that Klingon out. We have lots of panels and activities to help. To find out more about House VamPyr, visit House Vampyr.

April 21-23, – Activities 


This year we are honored to have our Guest of Honor,  One of the Founding Members of KAG joining us at Starfest. Thought Admiral KRIS will be presenting Why the Federation Sucks Panels Both Saturday and Sunday. Join him and find our why we Klingons are Glorious!

Be Sure to See the Schedule both here and on the Offical KlingonFest Site!

Klingon Naming Ceremony

A true Klingon Warrior must have a glorious Klingon name. We will be having a naming ceremony and you will receive a certificate with your new glorious Klingon name. Be sure to join us YousWhysGuysez!

Klingon Kulture

Come and enjoy an hour with House K’ralvaj and Lord K’ral as they teach earthers and other aliens about Klingon life and rituals. There are a number of Klingon foods and drinks to learn. As well as weapons and ships! There could be a live demonstration! That’s if we can get them through customs in time. Learn of all the famous and infamous Klingons! Bring Yuch!(Chocolate), Klingons love it!

Honor Of Kahless the Unforgettable

House K’ralvaj is here again to teach about Kahless the Unforgettable and the scrolls written about his life. You will learn about the man and the myth of Kahless. How Kahless the man took a stand against a tyrant, saved a people and helped create the Klingon culture to what it is today.

Klingon BOP – Young Warrior Bat’leth Tourney!

Come watch your warriors battle it out with training (foam and duct tape) Bat’leths. Open to ages 3 to 13 yrs. Cheering sections requested! Qapla’! Awards will be give to the top three, and prizes will be give to all warriors.

Tasty Tasty Tribbles!!

This is a new game, come check it out.  All species are welcome to participate! In this game young warrior are taught the skills of Defense and Offence. Cheer, laugh and yell as the young warriors learn to use Bat’lethpu’  in a new way, Qapla’!

Klingon costuming: Details ma’Ke the Kostume

Not your basic costume talk, but details of a believable costume to develop your character. Take it to the next level with DoQ.

Klingon Knowledge Battles!

Prepare yourself for Klingon Knowledge Battles, face off against teams or individuals, in an interstellar challenge in galactic science fiction trivia.

Ship Battle Tactics – Top Gun Training

Learn Klingon Battle tactics. Learn Klingon Top Gun Air Combat training. Leave this class knowing how to out maneuver your lesser enemy.

Klingon Minions: A How to Draw Klingon Minions

J’Tark will teach fundamentals of how to draw a minion and make them into proud Klingon warriors after J’Tark teaches the fundamentals K’cuaH will be telling the story of how the minions made their way to Klingon space and how they joined the empire. The purples ones, aka the evils, evolved and became front line soldiers while the smarter yellow ones became scientist and doctors — together they make a ship run tight and right.

All Hands-House VamPyr Meeting

This is an all hands on deck meeting. Be there to receive your awards and promotions.

If you want to join our house or find a ship to belong to, this is your chance!

Klingon Karaoke

All warriors will have fun singing glorious songs of battles won. Join The IKS Tiburon in the fun.

Region 17 Meet and Greet

Join Starfleet Region 17 as they hold meetings and invite new members to join the Federation.

Klingon Kreations – Glorious Klingon Ship Building

All young warriors will have fun building, gluing and painting ships. Join our most glorious young warrior instructor Ki’mI as she teaches young warriors to create the newest fighting vessels in the Empire.

Klingon Gaming

Join us as we play Star Trek Catan, Quj Majyang, Multh/Quirkle and many other games.

Klingon Cosmic Putty and Coloring

Join us as we will be making rainbow cosmic putty with add-ins! Pick your color and space shapes to make your putty fun to play with. We will have coloring sheets and snacks for the kiddos too! Klingon Coloring is training for young warriors to display self-pride! Conducted by Lord VamPyr and Kara!

Cosmic Shoe Making

Join Da’vI’ as she teaches you to make Cosmic Shoes.
This is what you’ll need:
-White Canvas Shoes
-Sharpies of your choosing
-Rubbing Alcohol
-Eye Dropper
-White Paint
-Paint Brush


Closing Ceremonies

Join us as we reflect on the convention. If you are staying over Sunday, be sure to join us in the atrium for some music and conversation.

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