Volunteers receive admission to StarFest, use of the Con Suite, a convention t-shirt,  and get to attend the staff party.

SCORE!!! you may say, but keep in mind volunteers are required to donate at least 12 hours of time during the weekend.

We also ask that you pay a $20 fee for access to the 10 Forward Suite and Dead Dog Party. Your $20 gets you food, soda and a place to rest during the show.

We have a lot of fun together putting on the Best Convention in America and it’s the best convention because of you and your hard work. Thank you!

Use the form below to select the size of shirt you will need and to indicate which staff you belong to. You will also need to go to Starland to pay for your food and select any changes you may want to the shirt(s) you are getting. You can pay to change your t-shirt to a Polo shirt or get a second t-shirt at a substantial discount.

If you have any questions, call KathE at 720.261.0570.