StarFest 2016

April 20-22, 2018
Marriott Denver Tech Center • Denver CO

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    LeVar Burton

    Gigi Edgley
    LeVar Burton

    Actor • Director • La Forge of Star Trek: The Next Generation

    LaVar Burton was cast with the role of Lieutenant Geordi La Forge in Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1986 by Gene Roddenberry. Through some sort of cosmic irony, La Forge was the blind pilot of the ship, who was able to “see” through the use of a prosthetic device that gave him vision. After the second season on the show, La Forge was promoted to the ship’s Chief Engineer and returned for each of the subsequent Star Trek movies with the Next Generation cast.

    Burton entered his Star Trek tenure as a seasoned actor, most famously for his portrayal of Kunta Kinte in the Roots mini-series (1977). His genre credits include: The Supernaturals, Batman, Gargoyles, Captain Planet and the Planeteers, Family Guy, Superman/ Batman: Public Enemies, The Super Hero Squad Show, The Jensen Project, Rise of the Zombies, Big Bang Theory, Perception, and Miles from Tomorrowland.

    LeVar currently stars on the hit podcast series, LeVar Burton Reads. His podcast, now in its second season of episodes, features LeVar reading hand-picked short stories complete with commentary and background information on the authors and his personal connection to each of the stories. LeVar Burton Reads episodes are available on Stitcher and wherever you can download podcasts.

    Mr. Burton will be appearing at StarFest both April 21st and 22nd. His Q&A will take place on Saturday.

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    Mary Chieffo

    A little bit of faction to balance your fiction

    Thanks to Carolyn Collins Peterson, StarFest will feature a whole lot of facts to feast on with your fiction during the weekend. Carolyn has assembled NASA Scientists like Dr. Kenneth G Carpenter and Dr. Pieter Kallemeyn, Spacecraft programmers like Dr. Christopher Grasso, Astrophysicists like Dr. Erin MacDonald, and a scientific consulting producer from Hollywood. There are going to be some great space panels on what is happening now, what is happening soon and what we can expect on the horizon.

    A very special feature at this year's StarFest will be the "Ask a Scientist" table. You'll be able to come and have your own personal scientific questions answered by someone that isn't just blowing a bunch of hot air... someone that can tell you the scientific reasons behind the theories and explain why and what is really going on in space and physics.

    Dr. Kenneth Carpenter
    Epic Escape Game

    All-New Special Event at StarFest 2018

    A new holo-program has just arrived on your starship. You gather your shipmates to see if you’re equal to Sherlock Holmes. As you step into the holodeck, your ship hits a nebula, causing a power surge. Now the holodeck won’t obey any commands. The only way out is to outsmart the artificial Moriarty and solve the murder before you fall victim to his trap. Visit for details and to book your adventure.

    Dr. Kenneth Carpenter
    Platinum Giveaway

    Win A Couple of Platinum Passes and Cash

    The Portalist, a haven for science fiction and fantasy fans, is giving away a pair of Platinum tickets to StarFest, $300 in spending money and a bunch of good books to read on the trip.

    The Portalist is an online pop culture and literary site focused on the future of our species. They would love to have you follow them on Facebook and Twitter and sign up for their newsletter to allow them to deliver you weekly stories to your inbox. Visit or for more details on how to win.

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