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Presented by Mark Steven Grove
WHEN – Friday, April 17
TIME – 4:00PM
COST- $15
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GroveMark– Director and Action Coordinator Mark Steven Grove will demonstrate
and teach participants a short fight sequence as it would be performed in
an actual film.

His recently completed film Star Raiders: The Adventures of Saber Raine was shot entirely in Colorado and featured swashbuckling style sword fights in a retro sci-fi adventure in the far reaches of the galaxy. Mr. Grove has two more films shooting in Colorado over the next year.

Bokendan: Quest for the Phoenix Sword is a Jumanji-style film in which Five misfit children discover an ancient Japanese strategy game that transports them to a fantasy realm where they assume the persona of young Ninja in training. This film will feature classic Japanese swordsmanship.

Mecha-Ninja: Shadows of Vengeance is a film in which the past and
future collide as an elite team of Ninja warriors pilot powerful mech suits
to battle evil in a post-apocalyptic world.   This film will utilize a hybrid style
of swordsmanship with exciting robot vs robot action.

Start your Starfest Adventure with some fun, low impact, sword training…
and who knows, you may have the right look to perform in one of
the upcoming films!

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