StarFest Denver 2018 is pleased to announce that @Werks3D and their awesome 3D Scanning Booth, the Skanü3D will be this year’s primary sponsor for the Costume Contest. Werks3D will be on hand 3D Scanning attendees in their cosplay all weekend. They will also be supplying 3D Figurine prizes for the Cosplay contest.

Werks 3D is a 3D printing and imaging company that offers the awesome Skanü3D Full-Body 3D Scans and specializes in serving the cosplay community. Located out of Colorado, Werks3D has been at a number of shows across the Denver and Colorado Springs area and continues to create great 3D models of the cosplay community.

The team from Werks3D will be on hand all weekend to give full-body 3D scans of all the cosplayers and offer great prices on awesome 3D printed figurines.

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