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Last Updated 1/23/2020

Check this space for updates on this year’s panels! If you are interested in presenting a panel or activity yourself, send an email to


For over 15 years, Starfleet Academy has presented a unique, fun convention experience, with classes filled with characters, activities, entertainment, a little education and a lot of fun.  We even finish the program with a graduation ceremony!  This year we give you a chance to flex your muscles, fight for what’s right and find your inner hero.

Starfleet Academy Presents:

SHIELD Academy

SHIELD Academy is a fun way to experience the Marvel Universe first hand as a student at the SHIELD Branch Campus. Each class is designed to present humor, audience participation and a different way of looking at the Marvel Universe. Each class is self-contained, but those who complete all four classes will receive a diploma and gift from the convention.

Classes TBD

More panels TBD


  1. Captain Robert April,

    Are you still taking panel applications?

    1. Yes, please contact Susan Anderson at with your proposal.

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