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Last Updated 1/13/2019

These are the panels we presented last year at StarFest. Check this space for updates on this year’s panels! If you are interested in presenting a panel or activity yourself, send an email to

3D Printing in Cosplay

Come find out about one of the fastest-growing technologies available to cosplayers! We’ll cover where to find ready-made 3D models of your favorite props, how to get good print results, and how to finish the prints so that they’re photoshoot ready!

A Wrinkle In Time

Come on a journey in a wrinkle in time. We will explore the book and movie. Also food and games.

Battlestar Trivia

Think you know Battlestar Galactica? Join the Officers of Battlestar Stormbringer in this exciting and challenging trivia game! The game covers Galactica from 1978 to present, including the spin-offs and movies. Fun prizes and bragging rights for the winner.

Bellydance Workshop

Build on your basic Middle Eastern dance skills by adding this dramatic and often temperamental prop; the veil. Join Apsara, and learn a short veil choreography that will bring out your cheeky side.

Bully Awareness

Learn to handle bully situations and discuss positive ways to cope with the aftermath of bullying.

Distressing 101: Wasteland Fashion

A discussion of techniques and tools — as well as informative resources — on distressing garments and props for the wasteland, and a live demonstration of wearable destruction.

Doctor Who Writing Workshop

Do you have an idea for your own story of The Doctor but not sure where to begin? Well, wonder no more! Explore the Whoniverse, and learn the secrets behind writing a great Doctor Who story, while also having the opportunity to engage in character and world-building activities that will leave you ready to take on the literary universe. Alons-y!

Electronics in Cosplay

From basic faerie and Christmas lights to computer-programmed speakers, motors and LEDs, we’ll advise you on where to get started, what to do and what to avoid when powering up props and costumes, and what the next steps are in making your costume shine…. literally!

The Galaxies We’ve Seen

A look at the vast, fertile ground SF has covered, from dime novels, to pulps, Golden Age, cyberpunk and beyond. Most SF scholars agree that Mary Shelley invented science fiction when she wrote FRANKENSTEIN. In the two centuries since, SF has been as fluid as it has been ambitious. This panel will discuss the places we’ve been, the eras and movements that have come and gone, with looks at the great works of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.

Game and VR Development

Game and virtual reality (VR) developers will discuss game and VR development. Some of the top emerging technologies in the entertainment industry today will be discussed, including VR, eSports and more. This panel will present current projects being worked on and will include an extended Q&A session. Meet seasoned game and VR developers. Play games, ask questions, win prizes and more!!

Harry Potty House Feud

Harry Potter twist on the old TV show Family Feud. Bring your House team, and be ready to win points for your Hourglass and prizes for the winners. Never tickle a sleeping dragon!

How Much History Should There Be in Historical Fiction?

Creators love to mine the past for fun, especially with time travel, alternate realities and secret histories. Black Sails, Outlander (both books and TV), Vikings and Timeless have successfully rewritten history; however, many others were cancelled quickly. And yet, AltHist still is very successful in fiction. What is sacred to the period piece purveyors, and what is fair game? How much research goes into creating a believable world of the past?

Intergalactic Love

From Star Trek’s first interracial kiss to Battlestar’s human-Cylon romances, sci-fi gives us so many universes to examine the meaning and nature of the very human emotion of love.

Karaoke Test of Bravery

Karaoke Singers at StarFest in Denver: For some reason, people are afraid of getting up and singing in front of their friends, especially friends they haven’t met yet or see once a year. The best way to confront your fears is just to jump in and face them! We are a supportive crowd of your friends, happy to clap and cheer for you, sing along when you forget the words or the melody and just be happy you are with us. Come see us on Facebook at or just Star Fest Karaoke Test of Bravery…yes we know there shouldn’t be a space.

Dean Devlin and Legion M partner with Fans to Reshape the Future of Hollywood

Writer/director/producer Dean Devlin has helped create some of the biggest hits in Hollywood, generating billions of dollars of box office around the globe. For his newest film starring David Tennant, Bad Samaritan (opening nationwide May 4th), Dean partnered with fan-owned Legion M to get his most important audience–fans–in on the action. Dean joins Legion M co-founder Paul Scanlan for an inside look at Bad Samaritan plus a candid discussion about the evolution of the studio system, and how the future of Hollywood is indeed fans.

Magic – How it Interacts with the Real World

Being able to cast spells seems pretty useful in fiction, games, comics and movies. Mrs. Weasley can wave a wand and bake a cake, but really how would magic work in the real world? Y’know…the everyday stuff, like food, shelter and love. Is it as simple as casting runes to make a bed, create light, or slay your enemies? How do writers create believable magic that isn’t too powerful and destroys everything? Explore magical power on a deeper level.

Make & Take Home Model Trees

Come join the staff and volunteers of the Colorado Model Train Museum as they teach you how to make your very own model trees, just likes the ones at the museum! In this panel you will learn how to make small trees and other plant life that can not only be used for model train set scenery, but also for other activities such as tabletop games, fairy gardens, and more!

Man in the High Castle

This panel will discuss The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick and Amazon seasons 1&2. Discuss “what if” the U.S. had not won WWII, review Amazon’s treatment of this cold war sci-fi novel and look forward to what season three might yield.

May the Force (of Static Electricity) Be with You

Enjoy a Star Wars-themed science exploration where we’ll learn to use The Force (of static electricity) to levitate and repel objects, power light tubes, propel spacecraft, and more! We’ll have lots of opportunities for participants to perform Jedi tricks themselves with SHO-K3R, a 600,000 volt Van de Graaff generator. Presented by Richard Blake.

Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pandering to the Masses

The Ninja Turtles have gone through several incarnations since their inception in 1984 and have established a rich history. With so much great content, backstory and characters to draw from, why have the more recent TMNT flicks been dumbed-down so considerably? How could these movies be done better to service the fans without insulting our intelligence?

MileHiCon Challenge Panel – Worst Page to Screen (Big or Small) Adaptation

It’s a Battle Royale to determine which book/graphic novel/comic/toy to screen (movie or TV) adaptation is the worst. Anything goes, as long as it’s fantasy, sci-fi or horror. Four starting panelists declare their choices and you can step forward to challenge them and take their place on the panel–in this game, your idea wins or your idea dies by audience acclaim.

Outpost: Live!

Beam in to this two-part “panel”/hands-on experience. Learn what it takes to create an audio drama from the crew that produces the Parsec Award-winning fan audio drama, Outpost: A Star Trek Fan Production. Participants in this session will learn the ins and outs (including how easy it is!) of production – from script writing to the final mix — we cover it all! Audience members become the voices of characters in an audio “minisode” of Outpost! After recording the session during the Saturday session, the crew from Outpost will mix the “minisode” overnight and play it back for the audience and actors on Sunday. With the time remaining, the session will be a Q&A. The final production will be part of the Outpost podcast which airs monthly on and

The Pink Avengers

Crime is running rampant in StarFest City. The citizens are living in fear, villainy has taken over the streets. Who would protect them? Look no more, the Pink Avengers are here! You are invited to a secret meeting — help the Pink Avengers take the city back.

Puppetry 101

Creature Creator and Puppet Fabricator Kristin Dalleske shares her experiences developing unique characters for film. Join her production team to discuss the intricacies of designing, fabricating and performing puppets for stage, film and fun! 

Resin Casting

This discussion and demonstration will show you how to use a silicone mold to cast resin. We’ll also provide techniques for adding color and decoration to the finished product. Hosted by Charles and Tauni Orndorff.

Sci-Fi Improv Trek-o-Rama Wars Show

Come leap to a galaxy far, far away and experience science fiction manifesting in the moment with Improv Leap. We will be slinging lasers, falling for beautiful aliens and saying cornball lines that would fill William Shatner with pride. If you love sci-fi and comedy, this show is for you.

Setting Sail: Achieving the Next Level of Space Exploration & Development

Why go to space? Where should we go? How should we get there?

For over 15 years, Starfleet Academy has presented a unique, fun convention experience, with classes filled with characters, activities, entertainment, a little education and a lot of fun.  We even finish the program with a graduation ceremony!  This year we give you a chance to flex your muscles, fight for what’s right and find your inner hero.

Starfleet Academy Presents:

SHIELD Academy

SHIELD Academy is a fun way to experience the Marvel Universe first hand as a student at the SHIELD Branch Campus. Each class is designed to present humor, audience participation and a different way of looking at the Marvel Universe. Each class is self-contained, but those who complete all four classes will receive a diploma and gift from the convention.

Superhero History 101 – Where Did All These Heroes Come From?

From Captain America in World War II to Spiderman in the Swinging Sixties, from the X-Men in the Eighties to Deadpool today, our Superheroes have always been who we want and need in our time. Join us in a fun and free-wheeling look at what makes certain superheroes our heroes, with videos, surprising information, and class participation.

Other Worlds 201 – The Distinguished Competition

Although SHIELD exists in our world (sometimes called the Marvel Universe), there are many alternative dimensions out there. This class will focus on the most well known of these other universes – one that has a man who’s super, a man like a bat, and a woman who’s a wonder, as well as many other heroes. Join us for a different kind of look at a world you may have heard of – the DC Universe

Superhero Science 301 – Radioactive Spiders, Pym Particles and Unstable Molecules

Jonah Jameson once said, “Sometimes I wish I’d been bitten by a radioactive water buffalo!” Would that really have been a good idea? Find out as we discuss topics like radioactive spiders, gamma rays, cosmic rays and other ways to get powers. We’ll look at the work of Tony Stark, Hank Pym and Reed Richards, and discuss the most impressive school science lab of all time! Warning: Kids, don’t try any of this at home!

Other Worlds 401 – How Many Spiderman’s Are There?

They say that everyone has a double. With alternative dimensions and timelines, superheroes can have dozens of doubles. We’ll look at some of the amazing variety of variations of some of our favorite superheroes, and students will have the chance to come up with their own. This session will also include our SHIELD Academy Graduation Ceremony.

Silicone Molding

This discussion and demonstration will address a one-part easy silicone mold. We’ll provide tips and techniques for making a successful mold. Hosted by Charles and Tauni Orndorff.

Skin Wars, Netflix & Bodypainting

This panel is an 18 + event.

Mythica will be talking about being on the TV show Skin Wars as well as talking about how her life is changed since the show went on Netflix. During the course of her talk, she will be demonstrating body painting live while speaking. There will be Q&A during the event. This event has been packed full for the last 2 years so make sure you come early.

Star Stories: Real Disease Through the Lens of Science Fiction

Hear about infectious diseases so unbelievable they seem alien! Bacteria that joyride your cells, fungal cities entrenched in your squishy body, and that classic virus that makes you love aggression and hate water. Attendees will receive their very own infection! — in the form of an evidence-based description. Understand your pathogen; become your pathogen. Then craft a fictional story around the science to teach the rest of us. We must learn about them, because they learn about us.

Star Trek IQ Test

Test your Star Trek IQ to determine whether you are a Star Trek Cadet or a Star Trek Genius! Star Trek fans of all ages are welcome to take a written exam to determine their Star Trek IQ. Can you score over 160 to be called a Star Trek Genius? The exam will test knowledge of original Star Trek, The Next Generation, Deep Space NineVoyagerEnterprise and Discovery episodes and all Star Trek movies. Even if you took our test last year, join us again as we will have new test questions. This is your chance to show your knowledge of the Star Trek universe. Each participant takes the test individually – not yelling out the answer or being called on to answer a question. All participants will receive a ribbon showing their Star Trek IQ level and score, and a trophy will be awarded for top score. This is a family-friendly activity, but the test is guaranteed to be challenging to any Star Trek fan. This is not a come-and-go panel. Please be punctual since the timed test will begin 5 minutes after the panel starts.

Star Wars Movies

This panel will discuss and celebrate the greatest movie franchise ever. We will also talk about the eight Star Wars movies that have come out and discuss topics such as their story lines, special effects, music, costumes, villains, trivia, gadgets, most profitable, etc. We will see how the films have affected us socially and culturally. We will also have a Star Wars costume contest. Then we will have a final vote on which the best three Star Wars movies were ever made. Then we will end it with a “Yoda” singalong. May the Force be with you!

Stargate Atlantis Trivia with a Twist!

Stargate trivia returns, to Atlantis! Prizes awarded, free entry, and anyone who wishes to play can play! All skill levels encouraged. See us at the table by the Stargate for more information. Come join the fun!

Studio Scale Ships 101

This panel will discuss how a studio scale model is made from 3d printing, kit bashing, casting parts, lighting and painting.

Stuffed Animal Creation

Come make a fun stuffed animal! We will make, stuff, finish and decorate a cuddly companion. You take your new friend with you! If you can tie a knot, you can make an animal! $15 materials fee per person or special StarFest rate of two participants for $20 (pay together).
Creators of handmade stuffed animals, Brenna and Jessica are proud to bring you fun and easy canvas painting & stuffed animal classes! See the Whimsical Whiskers table in the Dealers Room, and adopt your snuggly, treasured friend today!

Taming the Novel Series

Writing one book is REALLY hard. Writing several novels is even harder. Writing several novels in a coherent series with consistent characters and satisfying story arcs can make your brain explode. These series novelists will offer their best advice for how you can wrangle hundreds of thousands of words into a compelling story.

Who’s Who in the Cosmic Zoo? A Guide to ETs, Aliens, gods & Angels

Disclosure of alien life: the truth is stranger than fiction! Proof that Star Wars and Star Trek are fact, not fiction. Learn about the real life Star Wars program covered up for 70+ years. Learn about the aliens, intraterrestrials and interdimensional beings who share our planet, are based “inside” the Earth and inside our Solar System. Learn about the prophesies concerning them at the end of this age, and how the presence of recently discovered exoplanets and a pass from Nibiru is changing our world as we know it. Welcome to the Space Age 😉

Young Writers

This panel is designed for youth writers who aren’t really sure where to start. Learn some basic skills to get started.


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