Do you build models? If so, bring it by the ModelFest and share your work with the world! Our show includes science fiction, science fact, fantasy, and horror subjects. Are you amazed by detailed artwork in miniature? Come on by and cast your vote for the People’s Choice Award! Do you want to improve your skills? Our friendly staff of qualified volunteers will be happy to talk to you about your work.

commiesLogoPaper Model Make-N-Take

Paper models have been gaining in popularity in recent years. IPMS/CoMMiES will help you take your first step into this fascinating hobby. We have compiled a wide selection of Cubeecraft models. This event is in the Model Show room and is free! Come check it out!

commiesLogoModel Make-N-Take

The Model Events Team is pleased to announce the FREE Model Make-N-Take at StarFest.

Once again, we will have some of their most popular kits for the Make-N-Take Participants! This event is for members from 8 to 16 years old.

 commiesLogo Modeler’s University

The StarFest ModelFest is proud to announce Modeler’s University will be returning this year.  Regardless of your age, skill level or topic of  interest, our professors will be hosting a range of classes that include all aspects of model building. Classes are free and we encourage you to attend all of them.

Classes last approximately 50 minutes.


If I Can Do This, You Can Too
Getting started in building models can seem intimidating. Dylan Holmes shows you it’s not as hard as it seems.

Care and Feeding of Paint Brushes
Quality paint brushes can be expensive and are easily damaged. Aaron Clark shares his method for maintaining them.

Creating Decals: From Design to Print
Rick Sternbach explains the steps used to create waterslide decals

Introduction to Lighting Models
Intimidated with electronics and lighting models? Rob Schmitt demonstrates the basics of installing LEDs in your models.

Introduction to Air Brushing
Dan Holmes demonstrates using and caring for this critical tool for achieving great model finishes.

This Stuff Will Kill You
While model building is an immensely enjoyable hobby, it has hazards. Robb and SueAnne Merrill walk through identifying and mitigating the risks


Applying Decals
Well applied decals can mean the difference between a toy-like appearance and a replica. Vern Clark demonstrates the Microscale System and how to deal with difficult decals.

Top 10 Mistakes with Resin Kits
Interested in building resin models but scared to start? Jack Hubbard will show you 10 mistakes to avoid.

Going Insane: Details, Details, Details
Sometimes a model needs a little something extra. Robb Merrill explains his process.

Everything is a Model Part
The world around you is suggesting what to use for your next build. SueAnne Merrill shows you how to see them.


commiesLogo After Hours Modeling with the CoMMiES

Do you have what it takes to hang with the CoMMiES? Bring a kit, bring your tools, and sniff glue with the most unique chapter of the International Plastic Modelers Society.

Work on a kit. Ask about techniques. Share stories. And, above all, poke your friends verbally!  Friday at 9:00pm and Saturday at 8:00pm in the ModelFest room.

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