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The greatest adventures in gaming all start in a tavern with unlikely characters! Come to Petrie’s Gaming “tavern” located on the mezzanine! Grab your “brew” (we have free water and cups!) and band together with strangers who will soon become your companions and life long friends for daring adventures! Will you face dragons in a role playing game? Conquer the dice rolls to become masters of the board games? Or will you betray the others to collect all the cards? Stop by to see what games are being rolled out all weekend or start one of your own. GAMEFEST IS THE CONVENTION FOCUSED ON BOARD GAMES, CARD GAMES, ROLE PLAYING AND MINIATURES. OUR MISSION IS TO BRING YOU INDUSTRY INSIDERS, HELPFUL PANEL DISCUSSIONS AND OF COURSE, PLENTY OF OPPORTUNITIES TO PLAY THE LATEST GAMES!


  • Sean Brown – Mr. B Games:

    Mister Brown will be participating in panels, “Pitch Your Game” events, and will be bringing Aviation Tycoon, Helionox, and Railroad Rivals to teach and play.

  • Todd Gardiner – Chaosium Inc:

    Mister Gardiner runs every system Chaosium has and works with Moon Design (and later Chaosium) doing art or RQ development for the past ten years. He has been running Call of Cthulhu since the ’80s.

  • Keith & Sam Avallone – PLAAY Games:

    Mister & Mister Avallone will be premiering PLAAY Games’ first non-sports titles as well as the sports titles that they have come to know. In addition, they will participate in guest panels and activities.

  • Andrew LehmanHP Lovecraft Society

    Andrew is a founding members of the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society, and has produced a number of literary, film, theatrical, music, prop and gaming projects there with his longtime friend and collaborator Sean Branney. He will be running panels and screen viewings of the Lovecraft films as well as participating in sessions of Call of Cthulhu.

The H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society (HPLHS) is an organization founded in Boulder in 1986 for the purpose of having fun within the worlds envisioned by beloved 1920s gothic horror writer H.P. Lovecraft.



Praying for Superpowers – Geek influencers Trever and Peter will be bringing their cultural commentary to Gamefest for panels, live recordings and interviews as they participate in the gaming events alongside you.



Our play to win library is BACK!  You could win a game just by playing!  Thanks to our amazing sponsors, Gamefest is proud to bring back the play to win library.  Come visit us on the Gamefest Mezzanine, pick a game that looks interesting and have fun.  It’s as simple as that.   


Some say its insanity…Others say its boredom…and yet some believe it is something far more sinister.  Every year around this time, common folk like yourselves are whisked away from their homes into the deep abyss of Pryzaax’s Lair.  It is in this magical place that they scrounge to survive and hope that their wits are enough to see them through.  Although legend has it that a few have made it out; most are never seen from again.  On this day you have been summoned.  What started as a normal day may end in triumph or your agonizing defeat.  Will you conquer your challenges through superior might, overcome each challenge on wits and skill, or will you never be heard from again?  The Tiny Dungeon is back!


Learn to play and play to win! More information coming soon.

More announcements coming soon!

Petrie’s Family Games  is returning to host again this year, bringing special guests, prizes and as many board, card, and role playing games as we can fit! See some of the Game Library available for you to play at GameFest  here


If you wish to be part of the fun in 2019 fill out the form here!

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