StarFest Weapons Policy


All weapons real or otherwise must be checked and tagged with an authorized StarFest/Klingon “Weapon Checked” tag at the Weapons Checkpoint in front of the Klingon Fest room.  The tag will be affixed to weapons to indicate that they have been inspected and must be visible to everybody. Real Guns will NOT be allowed except for Law Enforcement personnel. The tag will indicate the weapon is NOT functional, is a movie prop, plastic or toy gun not capable of firing any projectile, or is an edged weapon that has been inspected and secured in a sheath. All edged weapons will be secured in their sheaths by a zip tie and tagged by an authorizing tag from the Weapons Checkpoint. All prop guns will be tagged by an authorized tag from the Weapons Checkpoint. Any person seen by any StarFest volunteer, StarFest Security person, or Klingon member participating in the Weapons Checkpoint with an unsecured and/or un-tagged prop weapon will be directed to the Checkpoint so they can be inspected and tagged. We want everyone at the convention to enjoy themselves and feel safe. If you have any questions or problems, please contact someone at the Convention Registration, Convention Security, Klingon Weapons Check or Hotel Security for help. Remember – Stay Frosty!