13-15 May 2022: Hyatt Regency Denver Tech, 7800 East Tufts Avenue, Denver, CO, 80237, 303-779-1234

Guests – Panels
Artists – Vendors
& More

Friday May 13  3pm – 7pm
Saturday May 14  9am – 6pm
Sunday May 15  10am –4pm

Heavy Metal PrizeHEAVY METAL Magazine and
the World of Comic B

ComicFest 2022 will feature talent that has graced the pages of HEAVY METAL magazine.

Let’s take a look back at the amazing talent that METAL HURLANT (the original French publication) brought to the world of comic books. When National Lampoons fired up their first issue of HEAVY METAL Magazine back in 1977, they didn’t know what tidal wave of talent they would be showcasing

to American fans. Not only did American comic book fans see the legendary talents of Jean Giraud aka MOEBIUS, but we also got to see the artistic and

literary talents of Frank Frazetta, Alejandro Jodorowski, Richard Corben, Berni Wrightson, Julie Bell, Boris Vallejo and so many more.

Please take a moment to check out the links below. These writers have some fantastic details about Metal Hurlant (Heavy Metal) and its history.

Metal Hurlant    •     Heavy Metal Magazine History

As a bonus, one lucky attendee will win a year subscription to Heavy Metal magazine.

It’s About Fun! ComicFest is Denver’s annual celebration of local,  national and international comics, cartooning and art industry! ComicFest is the longest running Rocky Mountain Region Comics convention. It has always been our goal to increase the public’s awareness of the comic book medium and showcase talented local talent and publishers to the general public. What we have been surprised to learn is just how many creators there are that live right here in the region. We promise to continue to work at creating a unique convention experience that allows talented comics professionals to network with each other and meet their fans.

It’s Educational!  ComicFest features lots of hands on comic book panels and demonstrations. If you are looking to break into Comics this is a great weekend to learn from the pro’s.

It’s About Collecting!  Don’t worry if drawing stick figures is the extent of your artistic talent, because ComicFest will provide an outlet for what you enjoy about Comics as well. If you are looking for that special back issue or paper-back you’ll have the chance to search it out at one of our dealer tables. There will also be collection supplies available as well so don’t miss out on any of these items from all of our fine retailers.

It’s About Art! Come get custom sketches of your favorite Comic book characters from the area’s most talented comic book artists. The artists have a wide variety of styles and as a whole have worked for virtually every major publisher so you’re sure to find someone that can create that image that you’ve been waiting to display. Schedules will vary so you’ll have to check with the artists throughout the weekend so you won’t miss out on any of the talented people that will be coming by. We have even more artists to check out in 2016, so take your time and spend some time meeting them.

It’s About The Future!  There are other exciting features that make ComicFest the convention that fans from the Rocky Mountain Region will enjoy for years to come!

ComicFest Panels

Join in on great discussions & demos

VILLAINS ART DRAW WITH AUDIENCE SUGGESTIONS PANEL was so much fun last year that we will do something similar this year.

Moderator: Daniel Sharner, who continuously grilled the Artists for funny stories, how they got started and a number of other topics that had the audience giggling at times.

MANY THANKS also to last year’s artists: Barry McClain Jr., J James McFarland, Joe Oliver Arts, Gerry Mulowayi, and Daniel Crosier.

The art was auctioned off for the USS Pioneer charities (Dumb Friends League, American Diabetes Foundation, Search & Rescue). For a few bucks you can own a piece of original art.








2022 Art Contest

COMIC FEST 2022’s theme is
“HEAVY METAL Magazine & the World of Comic Books”

Ideally a submission that might have appeared in Heavy Metal or Metal Hurlant Magazine. We highly encourage all of you to be as creative as you want to be.  Further guidelines are below.

Every piece of artwork must contain: ComicFest 2020

Winning Artists Prize
1 Free Booth Space/Table
2 Passes to StarFest 2022

1 MARCH, Mountain Time 11:59pm!

Questions & Submission: Rio, 


– Contains words: ComicFest 2022
– Banners size: ~ 33″  x 78″
– Submit Size of artwork: 11 x 17 (format)
– Initial: can be <300 dpi & watermarked
– Finalized HI/RES files (300 dpi)
– Colors: no limit on the number of colors used
– Funds permitting we might use the winning Banner on T-Shirts also


– Contains words: ComicFest 2022
– Size: 4″ x 6″, it will be reduced to ~3″ x 5″
– Blank Name Box: ~ 1/2″ x 2″
– Colors: no limit on the number of colors used
– Preferred: Submit FOUR (4) different images, one for each name below
– Submit FOUR (4) badges, each with a different name included: GUEST, STAFF, VENDOR, ARTIST

2019 Art Contest Winners – Attack of the Villains!
Jolyon Yates: Banner  /   J James McFarland: Badges

2018 Art Winners – Robots
Artem Shukaev, Chaz Kemp, J. James McFarland, Gerhard Kaaihue

2018 CF Art Winners

2017 Art Winners – Robots
Artem Shukaev: Banner  /   Joe Oliver T-Shirt

TABLE COST:  $275 and includes:
1 six foot table, 2 chairs
2 weekend passes to StarFest/ComicFest

Friday – May 1 – 9:00am to 2:00pm 

Comic Book Vendors and Merchandise Only
If most of your merchandise is non-comic book related, please apply on the StarFest Dealer’s Room Page

 Electricity is available through the Hotel at a rate of $35 per outlet.

Questions about the StarFest Dealers room please email KathE Walker at or 720-261-0570

TABLE COST:  $150.00 and includes:
1 six foot table, 2 chairs
2 weekend passes to StarFest/ComicFest

Friday – May 1 – Noon  to 2:00pm 

Comic Artists and items featuring the artist’s original art Only
If most of your merchandise is non-comic book related, please apply on the StarFest Dealer’s Room Page

 Electricity is available through the Hotel at a rate of $35 per outlet.

The determination of allowed items for sale will be at the discretion of Rio, our ComicFest Director.

ComicFest Volunteers

Try It, You'll Like It

Would you like to be a part of the ComicFest team?

Please click on the button below and we will contact you about exciting opportunities to help with ComicFest. Giving of your time to help others does have its perks and we’d like to have you join our family. Volunteers receive general admission to all regular StarFest/ComicFest activities, use of the Con Suite, a convention t-shirt,  and The Dead Dog Staff After Party.

Volunteers are required to donate (because WORK just doesn’t sound like fun) at least 15 hours of time during the weekend.  Inexpensive food in the Con Suite is available for $20 food fee/weekend, includes Fri. dinner-Sun. lunch, also snacks, water & soda.

Additional information contact:
Terri Cantrell,

Podcasters & Promotional Partners

Comic Related Community Groups and Convention

Please contact Terri,

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