Please welcome 2019 the first 2 of our 4 ComicFest guests
Dan Green & Vic Carrabotta

Artists: Deadline February 1st for the Banner &/or Badges Art Contest Submissions

Attack of the Villains!

ComicFest 2019 is
Attack of the Villains!

Friday, April 26  3:00pm – 7:00pm
Saturday, April 27  9:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday, April 28  10:00am –4:00pm

Guest, Artists, Dealers and Activities will be in the PRIMROSE, IRIS, & LARKSPUR conference rooms with additional ComicFest events in the Aspen Theater and Blue Bell room

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It’s About Fun! ComicFest is Denver’s annual celebration of local,  national and international comics, cartooning and art industry! ComicFest is the longest running Rocky Mountain Region Comics convention. It has always been our goal to increase the public’s awareness of the comic book medium and showcase talented local talent and publishers to the general public. What we have been surprised to learn is just how many creators there are that live right here in the region. We promise to continue to work at creating a unique convention experience that allows talented comics professionals to network with each other and meet their fans.
It’s Educational! ComicFest features lots of hands on comic book creation panels and demonstrations. If you are looking to break into Comics this is a great weekend to learn from the pro’s.
It’s About Collecting! Don’t worry if drawing stick figures is the extent of your artistic talent, because ComicFest will provide an outlet for what you enjoy about Comics as well. If you are looking for that special back issue or paper-back you’ll have the chance to search it out at one of our dealer tables. There will also be collection supplies available as well so don’t miss out on any of these items from all of our fine retailers.
It’s About Art! Come get custom sketches of your favorite Comic book characters from the area’s most talented comic book artists. The artists have a wide variety of styles and as a whole have worked for virtually every major publisher so you’re sure to find someone that can create that image that you’ve been waiting to display. Schedules will vary so you’ll have to check with the artists throughout the weekend so you won’t miss out on any of the talented people that will be coming by. We have even more artists to check out in 2016, so take your time and spend some time meeting them.
It’s About The Future! There are other exciting features that make ComicFest the convention that fans from the Rocky Mountain Region will enjoy for years to come!

ComicFest Panels

Join in on great discussions & demos

2019 Panel List is Pending

Daniel ‘Dan’ Green

With nearly 600 comic titles to his name, there are not many characters that Daniel ‘Dan’ Green has not worked on either penciling, inking, writing, or even doing the cover for the book.  Below is a Dan’s journey.

Like many fledgling artists I was inexperienced at visual story-telling and an incredibly slow penciler, but while working on these techniques I also worked hard to develop my inking skills and was hired by National (DC) Comics. While working there I also discovered how liberating finishing another artist’s work could be by allowing me to detach from the insecurity that caused me to continually second-guess my instincts.

After 11 years in the business I bolstered the courage to try again as a ‘penciler’. The job penciling the bi-monthly title ‘Doctor Strange’ opened up in 1982 and I was offered the gig… I signed on, primarily because as a bi-monthly book it required only 17 pages of pencil art over 60 days. “Easy!”, thought I! …Little did I suspect, that even this light work load would prove enough to break me… literally; I could not keep up and lasted only 4 issues. So, back to inking… head bowed low, with a huge respect and admiration for folks that could do one or more monthly titles!

Then, after another couple of years inking some very demanding titles for Marvel, I had a conversation with JMD that came around to the good Doctor. I’m not sure if Marc had ever written the character, but he was keen to do something with me and Stephen Strange… on an EPIC SCALE. I was unhappy with my own meager attempts at penciling, so we decided to begin working together crafting a tale that might satisfy each of us in that troubled time in human-kind’s narrative… And so, after numerous brain-storming sessions we had a rough idea of the story that became ‘INTO SHAMBALLAH’. It is at its core a story of redemption for Strange and without knowing it, for all of humanity! No mean task!! For me, the challenges presented by this enterprise, were HUGE! On a personal level, they were, to overcome my fear of another failure as a penciler. And to face the hard work of this large commitment. And, not to let anyone (else) down… not again. On the artistic level, I felt that I had a lot to prove… to myself and to my contemporaries who had done so much great work over the years since we started out as kids, sitting around the coffee room at National Comics, hungry for freelance work in 1971… This project was to me, The Holy Grail….

I currently live in Kingston, NY, and am the parent of a wonderful daughter, Galen.


FacebookWikipedia – Comic Book Database

Vic Carrabotta

Drawing primarily for horror comics, Carrabotta did work for early issues of such Atlas anthologies as Adventures into Terror, Journey into Mystery (including issue #1), and Strange Tales prior to the imposition of the industry’s self-censorship Comics Code.

Carrabotta credits industry legend Jack Kirby for his professional entrée with his first story in Astonishing #13 and went on to do science-fiction/fantasy suspense stories for titles including Journey into Unknown Worlds, Marvel Tales, Mystic, Uncanny Tales, and others. Carrabotta was one of the few Atlas artists to regularly sign his work, aiding in compiling his bibliography.

Continuing to draw for Marvel long-distance, he expanded to such war comics as Battle, Battle Action, Battlefront, Battleground, and the aptly named War Comics; such Westerns as Apache Kid, Kid Colt: Outlaw, The Outlaw Kid, and Western Outlaws; the crime anthologies Caught and Police Action; the jungle title Jann of the Jungle; and the men’s adventure anthology Rugged Action.

Upon leaving comics, he began freelancing as a storyboard and conceptual artist for several agencies, including Grey Advertising, McCann-Erickson, and Young & Rubicam, for accounts including Advil, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Jell-O, and Kenner Toys. Today, he attends several conventions throughout the year and continues to take commissions. Please contact him anytime at


FacebookWebsite – Comic Book Database

Sadly Mike Hoffman had to cancel this year.

2019 Art Contest Information

“Your Imagination Has No Limit!”

Submissions are no longer limited to just Colorado artists. If you submit from out-of-state and you win one of the art slots for the event, all you have to do is make it to the event (see winners loot below).

COMIC FEST 2019’s theme is “Attack of the Villains!”

That means any and all comic book villains can be used in the artwork or submit some of your personal creations. We highly encourage all of you to be as creative as you want to be.

Every piece of artwork must contain the following: COMIC FEST 2019


– Any Comic
– Banners size: ~ 33″  x 78″
– Submit Size of artwork: 11 x 17 (format)
– Initial: can be <300 dpi & watermarked
– Finalized HI/RES files (300 dpi)
– Colors: no limit on the number of colors used


– Any Comic Book Villain or Villains
– Contains words: COMIC FEST 2019
– Size: 4″ x 6″, it will be reduced to ~3″ x 5″
– Blank Name Box: ~ 1/2″ x 2″
– You may submit FOUR (4) different images, a separate one for each badge type (see next item) or the same image for all types
– Submit FOUR (4) badges, each with a different name included: GUEST, STAFF, VENDOR, ARTIST

Winning Artists Prize
1 Free Booth Space/Table
2 Passes to StarFest 2019

FEBRUARY 1ST, Mountain Time 11:59pm!

Questions & Submission: Terri,

2018 Art Winners: Artem Shukaev, Chaz Kemp, J. James McFarland, Gerhard Kaaihue

TABLE COST:  $275 and includes:
1 six foot table, 2 chairs, table cloth & drape
2 weekend passes to StarFest/ComicFest

Friday – April 26 – 9:00am to 2:00pm 

Comic Book Vendors and Merchandise Only
If most of your merchandise is non-comic book related, please apply on the StarFest Dealer’s Room Page

 Electricity is available through the Hotel at a rate of $35 per outlet.

Questions about the StarFest Dealers room please email KathE Walker at or 720-261-0570

comic artist

TABLE COST:  $150.00 and includes:
1 six foot table, 2 chairs, table cloth & drape
2 weekend passes to StarFest/ComicFest

Friday – April 26 – Noon  to 2:00pm 

Comic Artists and items featuring the artist’s original art Only
If most of your merchandise is non-comic book related, please apply on the StarFest Dealer’s Room Page

 Electricity is available through the Hotel at a rate of $35 per outlet.

The determination of allowed items for sale will be at the discretion of Rio, our ComicFest Director.

ComicFest Volunteers

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Please click on the button below and we will contact you about exciting opportunities to help with ComicFest. Giving of your time to help others does have its perks and we’d like to have you join our family. Volunteers receive general admission to all regular StarFest/ComicFest activities, use of the Con Suite, a convention t-shirt,  and The Dead Dog Staff After Party.

Volunteers are required to donate (because WORK just doesn’t sound like fun) at least 15 hours of time during the weekend. You have the option to pay ~$20 food fee (which stocks the con suite with food and soda for you to enjoy Friday evening – Sunday evening).

Additional information contact:
Terri Cantrell,

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