We know you have an inner Klingon. Join House VamPyr and friends and learn how to bring that Klingon out. We have lots of panels and activities to help. To find out more about House VamPyr, visit House Vampyr.  Be sure to see the schedule at https://starfest2018.sched.com/list/descriptions/type/KlingonFest.

April 20-22 – Activities 


Klingon Naming Ceremony

A true Klingon Warrior must have a glorious Klingon name. We will be having a naming ceremony and you will receive a certificate with your new glorious Klingon name.

Foam Weapons Creation

Come learn how to make a Klingon Mek’leth using floor mat Eva foam. If time permits we will do a Bat’leth as well.

Star Trek Klingon Gaming

Join us for some Star Trek gaming and videos.

Klingon Karaoke

All warriors will have fun singing glorious songs of battles won. Join The IKS Tiburon and House VamPyr for the fun.

Klingon Kulture

Come and enjoy an hour with House K’ralvaj anf Lord K’ral as they teach earthers and other aliens about Klingon life and rituals. There are a number of Klingon foods and drinks to learn. As well as weapons and ships! There could be a live demonstration! That’s if we can get them through customs in time. Learn of all the famous and infamous Klingons! Bring Yuch!(chocolate), Klingons love it!

Honor of Kahless

House K’ralvaj is here again to teach about Kahless the Unforgettable and the scrolls written about his life. You will learn about the man and the myth of Kahless. How Kahless the man, took a stand against a tyrant, saved a people, and helped create the Klingon culture to what it is today.

Klingon BOP – Young Warrior Bat’leth Tourney!

Come watch your warriors battle it out with training (foam and duct tape) Bat’leths. Open to ages 3 to 13 yrs. Cheering sections requested! Qapla’! Awards will be give to the top three, and prizes will be give to all warriors.

Klingon Language

Join QoroQ and veqa as they return to teach you how to speak Klingon.

Affordable Cosplay for Beginners

Join DuKath as he give you helpful hints on cosplay costumes, makeup, and more.

Klingon Minions: A How to Draw Klingon Minions

Join Kauch Notqa and J’Tark has he teaches you to draw Klingon Minions!

Klingon Props via 3D Printing

Learn some details on 3D printing of Klingon props.

All Hands-House VamPyr Meeting

This is an all hands on deck meeting. Be there to receive your awards and promotions.

If you want to join our house or find a ship to belong to, this is your chance!

Intro to Starfleet, the International Star Trek Fan Association

Join Starfleet Region 17 Meet and Greet. Come learn about activities of the local chapter of Starfleet.

Klingon Music Jam by Qapla’!

Klingon Music Jam by Qapla’! If you can play and would like to join us please do.

Kids’ Coloring/Galactic Slime/Rainbow Crayon Maker

Kids Coloring/Galactic Slime/Rainbow Crayon Maker — just like it sounds!

Tasty Tasty Tribbles!!

Come learn a new Klingon Game. All species are welcome to participate! In this game where young warriors are taught the skills of cooperation. Cheer, laugh, and yell as the young warriors battle it out with tribbles.. Qapla’!

Klingon Kreations — Glorious Klingon Ship Building

All young warriors will have fun building, gluing, and painting ships. Conducted by Ki’mI

Closing Ceremonies

Come tell your stories of con. Come wish us farewell.

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