Ticket Comparison Chart

All ticket prices are subject to change. VIP and Platinum seating is assigned on a first-come basis and the best seats sell fast.

MEMBERSHIP PRICES Adult (Advance/Door) Child (0-10 years)
3-Day $65/$69 Free
Saturday $45/$49 Free
Sunday $45/$49 Free
Friday $25/$29 Free
VIP Weekend (Includes Friday) $125/$129 $125/$129
VIP Saturday Only $65/$69 $65/$69
VIP Sunday Only $65/$69 $65/$69
Platinum (1 person) $175

All prices are higher at the door. While membership tickets are not refundable, they can be used for the next convention if you are unable to attend. The complete Autograph/Photograph schedule will be posted at the convention. Having an Autograph/Photograph ticket does not guarantee you an Autograph/Photograph.  The tickets are fully refundable in the event that demand exceeds the time allotted. The refund must be done at Convention Registration before the convention ends on Sunday.  If your ticket is lost or stolen they cannot be replaced.


There are several different options to help you enjoy your convention experience. You can compare each option and choose the one that suits your needs the best.

StarFest General Admission StarFest VIP Admission Platinum Membership
ComicFest ComicFest ComicFest
StarFest StarFest StarFest
ScienceFest ScienceFest ScienceFest
RoboCon/Model Show RoboCon/ Model Show RoboCon/ Model Show
GameFest/Art Show GameFest/Art Show GameFest/Art Show
Reserved Seating Best Reserved Seating
Express Registration Express Registration
Early Seating Selection
10% Discount at Starfleet Salvage Tables
Express Photo  & Autograph Line

Convention Admission includes all regularly scheduled events at the convention – Guest Speakers, Studio Presentations, Activities, and Panels. Special performances and certain activities may include an additional fee as noted on the Activities and Schedule pages. Autograph and Photo Sessions are not included in your membership.

COMICFEST – Admission to ComicFest is included in your StarFest Denver General Admission ticket at no additional charge.

GENERAL ADMISSION StarFest Ticket will allow you access to most of the events at both hotels, some special programs (very few) have an additional fee. Any additional fee events will be clearly noted on the Activities List and on the Convention Schedule.

GENERAL ADMISSION  tickets can be purchased for one day or the entire weekend.  These tickets allow you entrance into all the rooms at the convention and there is no waiting in line.

We reserve the front center section for our Weekend VIP Seating guests (just behind Platinum Members).

SATURDAY VIP – . When you purchase a VIP membership, you free-up valuable time that will allow you to see more stuff. VIP Members get a wristband with your Reserved seat number written on it. Going VIP lets you say goodbye to seat camping through events you don’t really want to see because you are hoping to keep the seat for your favorite guests. Friday admission is included with Saturday and/or Sunday VIP.
See Reserved Seating instructions below for additional details.

SUNDAY VIP – Just like the Saturday VIP, you won’t have to camp out in the Main Events room for your seat. You will receive a wristband with your seat number written on it.  Saturday and/or Sunday VIP  does include Friday Admission.
See the Reserved Seating instructions below for additional details.

WEEKEND VIP – Includes everything the one day VIP memberships include, but you get to enjoy VIP treatment for the entire weekend.

PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP – You can experience all the perks of a 3-Day VIP membership and more when you purchase a Platinum 3-Day VIP membership! The VERY BEST seats in our Main Events Room are specially reserved for Platinum 3-Day VIP members. The Platinum memberships include merchandise discounts, Early Vendor Room entry, special giveaways, priority autograph lines and seating seniority at future conventions. Please Note: Platinum membership does not include any autograph or photo session fees (you’ll still have to purchase tickets for that), but it shortens the time to get them. Platinum Membership Privileges

  • The Very Best Seats Forget about camping-out to see your favorite guests. You’ll be able to come and go throughout the weekend and see all the other great events at the convention without being concerned about your seat. Platinum members get to select from the best seats in the house and are able to select them up to twelve months before everyone else!
  • 10% Discount at the Starfleet SalvageTables Includes all your purchases at the Starfleet Salvage dealers tables at the convention. Many of the other vendors at the show also honor your Platinum discount for purchases at the show – just make sure to ask, this can really add up to some great savings!
  • Express Registration There’s usually a line at Convention Registration. It’s a sad, but inevitable evil at large events like StarFest..
  • Platinum Autograph Privileges You get express service at all the convention autograph lines. One of the biggest problems about getting autographs is waiting in line for them. Platinum members have their own line for each of the guests. The Platinum line alternates with the General Admission line at the autograph tables. That means you move through the autograph lines twice as fast as everyone else. You can see the convention AND get all the guest autographs you want on the same day! Most guests charge for photos and/or autographs – those fees are NOT included in your Platinum Pass.
  • Platinum Pin As a Platinum member you receive your own special cloisonne pin to identify your Platinum status to our convention staff. It’s your passport to the best perks at the convention. Did we mention you get to keep this great convention exclusive?

Reserved Seating

VIP & Platinum (Reserved) Seating is for specific events in the Main Events room – certain guest speakers and special presentations. All Reserved Seating events are noted on the convention schedule. It’s like most concert venues where the seats closest to the stage are reserved seating and the seats on the sides and in the back are for general admission.  Having a VIP Membership allows you to come and go throughout the day, knowing that your assigned seat will be waiting for you when you come back. It is important to note: You need to be in your reserved seat 10 minutes prior to any reserved seating event. About five minutes prior to an event, empty reserved seats are opened to general admission members. We do this to make sure that the seats closest to the front are full before our guests come on stage. We want them to see a room full of happy people – not a bunch of empty seats up front.

Main Events Seating Chart

Here is a simple representation of the Main Events room at StarFest. Nothing is to scale, but it does indicate where the VIP and Platinum seating is in the room. You’ll need to contact KathE (720)777-6800 for the actual availability of any given seat. Seats in yellow are the Platinum seats and those in blue are VIP. Purchasing a Platinum Seat or VIP seat guarantees that you will be able to see a guest or panel and not have to wait in line. All unassigned seats are available for general admission.

Starfest Main Events Room Seating


  • StarFest Dealer’s Tables – Stephen Donnelly email or 720.298.8561
  • StarFest Author Alley Tables – KathE Walker email or 720.261.0570
  • ComicFest Dealers Tables – KathE Walker email or 720.261.0570
  • ComicFest Artists Tables – KathE Walker email or 720.261.0570
  • GameFest Dealers Tables – KathE Walker email or 720.261.0570

Additional Ticket Outlets

We have general admission tickets available starting February 1st at all Front Range King Soopers stores. They do not have reserved seating tickets available at those locations.