Cosplay at StarFest

We will have four featured cosplayers who will be available -- at their tables or wandering the halls or at their panels -- for answering all of your cosplay questions. They would all love to help you get started!

AlyCat Cosplay

AlyCat Cosplay is a Colorado based cosplayer and has been cosplaying since 2004. She strives for screen accuracy in all of her cosplays and works hard to challenge herself to learn new sewing skills in each new cosplay she creates.

She recently joined Rebel Legion and volunteers her time to that organization whenever possible. She is a big advocate for using your cosplay for deeds bigger than yourself as well as combating bullying in the cosplay community.

Cosplay by Steve Perkins

Steve Perkins is an IMDB credited actor as well as a Nationally known Cosplayer.  He is currently best known  for his Loki Dark world Cosplay and loves to mingle with the crowd.  He also has a plethora of other characters he has done over the years, as well as new ones in the works.  Feel free to ask him about acting, cosplay, costume building and even fight choreography.  Follow him on:

Facebook @

Instagram @


The Sloth Goth

The Sloth Goth is a Minnesotan who started cosplaying while living in Colorado in early 2018, and she has bloomed into the Roller Derby Mistress of Cosplay we know her as today. She is one of the only costumed crusaders you will ever find on roller skates at a con! With a name like The Sloth Goth, she finds it important to keep things light-hearted and is almost never caught randomly dancing or riffing off a joke.

The Sloth Goth cosplays both for fun and for a cause with her Cap for Kids family. She wears many hats, usually being her own photographer and editor for her YouTube channel.  Her goal is to show geek culture that women can be three-dimensional beings, smashing stereotypes while embracing body positivity, anti-bullying, and promoting LGBT equality.

Hideyo Mochimo

Hideyo Mochimo has been cosplaying since 2006 when a high school friend told him that he should join him at a con and “it would look weird if [he] didn’t dress up”. Ever since then, cosplay has been his absolute passion. Over the twelve years he has participated in this hobby, he has hand-made over 200 cosplays, ranging from things like anime, to Disney, scifi, movies, and even obscure things like Broadway. He has won several awards, including Runner-up to Best in Show at StarFest in previous years. As a trans* cosplayer, he is all about accepting ourselves for who we are, and thinks cosplay is a beautiful way to express that, and something he wants to share with anyone he is fortunate enough to meet at conventions all over the United States!

StarFest Costume Contest

Our costume contest takes place on Saturday night in the Main Events room. Prizes are awarded in several categories. If you are interested in participating, sign up at Costume Contest Registration on Friday and Saturday. It’s a lot of fun and exciting, too! Imagine appearing on the same stage as our Hollywood Stars! Online registration — see the link after the rules here. You MUST sign up before the contest in order to participate. We cannot take any walk-on entrants.

Cosplay Panels

Whether you are a seasoned cosplayer or you want to learn how to get started, we have a panel for you.

Beginning Cosplay

AlyCat Cosplay wants to help you start your cosplay. Discover what cosplay is and the various ways to create one. She’ll have tips for new cosplayers for what to look for when purchasing a cosplay.

Cosplay A to Z

Tips from start to finish. How to pick a cosplay that works for you, what materials work best and how to build a successful cosplay and making it come to life. Cosplay by Steve Perkins wants your inner cosplay to come out!

How to Be Your Own Cosplay Photographer

The Sloth Goth says that cosplayers should be their own photographer. How can you start taking your own photos on the cheap and build yourself up? She’ll show you hacks, tips and tricks with the intention of inspiring those who attend the panel to give taking their own photos a try.

Cosplay and Confidence

Hideyo Mochimo says that everyone has gone through some sort of drama or bullying situations as cosplayers, which is unfortunate. Understanding how to get around that, knowing that you aren’t alone and that we are a community is something that Hideyo is really passionate about as a cosplayer.

Cosplay Rest and Repair Room

Hosted by The Royal Manticoran Navy, this is a room where cosplayers can go to get away from the convention or have their costumes repaired. Here are the rules for the room: Hours of operation will be Friday 12 pm to 6 pm, Saturday 9 am to 6 pm and Sunday 9 am to 1 pm.

Rest and Repair

Take the time to take a break. It’s hard to be “on” continuously. Your costume and props can wear you down a lot faster than you expect.

Emergency Costume Supplies

Cosplayers are welcome to use the CR&R room and its supplies for emergency repairs. We have experienced costumers available if you need additional help.

Lounge Area Time Limit

Please remember the lounge area is for rest and repair. You are welcome to take as long as you need to get yourself ready to entertain your fans again. Please be courteous and allow others to make use of the room and its facilities as well.

No Unattended Children

The CR&R room is a place for cosplayers to rest. It is not a day care center. For the safety of your children, please do not leave them unattended. Unattended children will be turned over to convention security.

No Photo Zone

No worries about taking off your helmet, wig, or prosthetics and grabbing a bite to eat. The Cosplay Rest and Repair Room is a safe place where you can be out of character without disappointing your fans.