StarFest 2022 Speakers

Our goal is to book interesting guests to inform and entertain you at StarFest. Each year we bring in a new bunch of actors, producers, directors, authors, illustrators, artists, designers, scientists, writers and performers to entertain you. Rather than focusing on just one genre or interest, we try to bring a full gamut of people to help make you aware of something new each year. We believe that you will find this year’s selection of guests illuminating, informative and entertaining.


  1. […] always a chance for friends to catch up and families to soak up all that StarFest has to offer. The guest list is looking good including “Star Trek: Discovery’s Mary Chieffo, “Star […]

  2. […] year StarFest snagged super cool guests like LeVar Burton (Star Trek: TNG), Penny Johnson Jerald (The Orville, 24), Malcolm Barrett […]

  3. I would love to see more paranormal people like Amy Allan of the Dead Files!!

    1. Amy sounds interesting. Perhaps if more people agree with you it might be a good idea to contact her.

      1. brideofchaotica2,

        I know she likes to do Cons! Wonder how many Dead Files fans we have at the con? Hope we can get her eventually! 🙂

  4. Captain Robert April,

    Any chance of getting Vic Mignona? Always a fun time when Vic and Shatner are at the same con. I’m sure Bill Shatner can vouch for Vic if there are any concerns regarding his behavior.

    1. Honestly, I don’t know much about Vic, but you’ve peaked my interest…

  5. Can Scott Grimes bring his beautiful fiance Adrianne Palicki? We’re also huge fans and having both would be awesome!

    1. That would be totally up to her, but that’s not in the plan at this point.

  6. […] Denver this weekend Apr. 26-28, 2019. The event is a must for Trekkies as he will be joined by Nichelle Nichols enjoying her farewell […]

  7. Is there any way for there to be some anime voice actors at starfest 2022 I know of you had voice actors from popular anime’s like my hero academia or attack on Titan that you’d also get a lot of fans excited to see them

  8. […] at work behind the scenes and never fail to come through with amazing guests. Check back to their website and follow their socials for up-to-date […]

  9. I’m interested in joining the starfest team as a volunteer or whatever I need to do I love star Fest and I always love to help

  10. […] revealed in season 3 that he was actually The Joker! He recently told Hollywood Reporter’s Ryan Parker that playing the iconic role is both therapeutic and a release. His fans agree as he is nailing the […]

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