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Epic Escape Game: Puzzle Hunt!

A StarFest puzzle hunt – THE WITCH’S AND WIZARD’S BALL

Since 1579, The Society of Magicks has fostered the protection and growth of the most elite Wizards and Witches.  We are now accepting applications for this year’s inductees.  If you believe you possess the skills to join our ranks, you must prove yourselves worthy by finding the location of the next Witch’s and Wizard’s Ball. Can you prove you belong in The Society of Magicks?





Date/Time: Available during all StarFest days/hours.
Location: Start at Epic Escape Game’s table by the Thunderpass Room.
Price: $20 per group of 4 people.

Win Prizes: Discounts, Gift Cards, Puzzle Boxes and more.


  1. Purchase your Puzzle Hunt tickets either thru StarFest (https://shop.starfestdenver.com/product/escape-room-puzzle-hunt/) or Epic Escape Game.
  2. Check in at Epic Escape Game’s table to receive your starting package.  We are located outside of the Thunderpass Room.
  3. Explore all of StarFest to find clues and solve puzzles. A device with an internet connection is required to play (cell phone or any mobile device with a Wi-Fi connection).  Locations will be revealed and hints will be available as puzzles are solved.
  4. The experience is not timed and will take approximately 1-2 hours, depending on how many other fun things you do on the way.  Once you have found and solved all the puzzles, return to Epic Escape Game’s table to win a prize: discounts, gift cards, puzzle boxes and more!