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Epic Escape Game

You and your team of Archaeologists just found a new tomb in the City of the Dead.  While exploring this amazing discovery, a teammate picked up the golden Ankh of Ra.  Now the stone door has slid shut sealing you in.  You must hurry and find a way to escape before the air runs out and you become yet another victim of the Pharaoh’s Curse!

Instructions for booking:

Book Now in South Denver

  1. Under Options section: Select number of adult and children players.
  2. Game: Select “Excalibur” from the drop down arrow.
  3. Under Date and Time section: Click on “Pick Date“.
  4. Select the day you wish to play – May 13, 14 or 15.
  5. Click on “Book” next to the time you wish to play.
  6. Enter all required information to complete booking.

If you have questions, please contact Epic Escape Game at 303-284-9610.


Can you solve the puzzles in time to escape your doom …. er, or before time runs out?