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Epic Escape Game

StarFest 2018 is proud to welcome the Epic Escape Game!! Can you escape before time is up?

Instructions for booking:

  1. Under Options section: Select number of adult and children players.
  2. Game: Select “It’s a Holodeck Mr. Holmes” from the drop down arrow. Leave the “Any” selection for Teddy Bear Workshop.
  3. Under Date and Time section: Click on “Pick Date“.
  4. Select the day you wish to play – April 20,21 or 22.
  5. Click on “Book” next to the time you wish to play.
  6. Enter all required information to complete booking.

For more information, visit our website or call 303-284-9610.


A new holo-program has just arrived on your starship. You gather your shipmates to see if you’re equal to Sherlock Holmes. As you step into the holodeck, your ship hits a nebula, causing a power surge.  Now the holodeck won’t obey any commands. The only way out is to outsmart the artificial Moriarty and solve the murder before you fall victim to his trap.