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Epic Escape Game

After the death of Uther Pendragon the mighty sword Excalibur appeared, thrust into a Stone bearing the inscription; “Whosoever Pulleth Out This Sword, Be The Rightful King Of England!” Alas, no one could pull Excalibur, and England stands on the brink of Civil War.  Thru the mists of time, Merlin has magicked you to the lost and forgotten Camelot.  You and your knights have 30 minutes to solve his riddles and prove yourself worthy to wield The Sword of Kings.  Are you the Once and Future King?

Instructions for booking:

Book Now in Greenwood Village

  1. Under Options section: Select number of adult and children players.
  2. Game: Select “Excalibur” from the drop down arrow.
  3. Under Date and Time section: Click on “Pick Date“.
  4. Select the day you wish to play – April 26, 27 or 28.
  5. Click on “Book” next to the time you wish to play.
  6. Enter all required information to complete booking.

If you have questions, please contact Epic Escape Game at 303-284-9610.


Can you solve the puzzles in time to escape your doom …. er, or before time runs out?