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Horror Video Saturday

9:00am     Labyrinth – In memory of David Bowie

11:00am  Young Frankenstein – In memory of Gene Wilder

1:00pm    Frailty – In memory of Bill Paxton

2:30pm    Silent Hill – Jodelle Ferland

4:30pm    Occupants – Robert Picardo

6:30pm    Buffy the Vampire Slayer – the movie

8:00pm    Cabin in the Woods – Jodelle Ferland

9:30pm    Teeth – Hale Appleman

11:00pm The Misled Romance of Cannibal Girl and Incest Boy – 10th anniversary with Bizjack Flemco


In Aspen Theater 7:00pm – The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Q&A afterwards with cast and producer


In Aspen Theater 9:00pm – Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer – Bizjack Flemco


Horror Video Sunday

9:00am     Hotel Transylvania

10:30am  The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

12:00pm  Sookie the Bat – Sorp Films

12:30pm  BTVS – Welcome to the Hellmouth

1:30pm    BTVS – Halloween

2:30pm    BTVS – Hush

3:30pm    BTVS – Once More with Feeling


Horrorfest Authors Room

Saturday:  Our authors will be on hand throughout the day to talk and do signings, especially after their panels.

This is also the place to get any info you need about Horrorfest.

Stop in to check out the freebie table as well.

Sunday: 12:00pm to 2:00pm Horrorfest mix, mingle and munch with our authors and other guests. Snacks will be provided.


Horrorfest Panels Saturday


10:00am     Kids Creepy Coloring Books:

Join the Horrorfest artists for some fun coloring in one of a kind hand made coloring books

11:00am  The Genius of Stephen King:

Stephen King’s novel Carrie launched a career that changed the face of American horror fiction. We’ll talk about the whys and wherefores of King’s greatest works. Are his later books as good as his earlier work?

12:00pm  The Making of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Join actors Jed Rowen, David Beatty, and producer Steve Pisa as they give us behind the scenes insights into their latest film.

1:00pm Body Painting: A demonstration with Lois Erikson of Capelli Salon.

3:00pm  Drawn to the Darkside: Join some of our Horrorfest artists in all mediums to talk about what inspires them to create their darker work. Peri Charlifu, Chaz Kemp, Jim Humble and other artists.

4:00pm Indie Filmakers: Our Horrorfest indie filmmakers talk about their latest work and answer questions about independent filmmaking.

5:00pm    I want to Believe: How do our personal beliefs shape our preferences for horror? Does the hard-core scientist or academic like their horror brainy, or gory, or not at all?  Do atheists yawn at supernatural movies?  Do certain religions avoid them altogether, or prefer certain kinds? What kind of horror appeals to the most people? How has this changed over time, and why? – Karen Stollznow and other Horrorfest authors.

6:00pm  Intro to stunt driving for indie films: Learn about how to do safe stunt driving, and car chases/wrecks in underground films. Zachary Byron Helm

7:00pm room closed to reset for séance

8:00pm   Séance: Join Bryan and Baxter for an experimental theatrical séance. There will be a sign up sheet on the door to the Horror panels room on Friday evening. Be sure to sign up as table seating is limited.

Horrorfest Panels Sunday

10:00am     Building a Tower of Terror: How to Build Tension in Your Stories – A panel of experienced authors discuss ways to raise your reader’s heart rate and really make them sweat.

11:00am     Horrorfest trivia contest: Join our host Peri Charlifu for our annual trivia contest. Watch our contestants embarrass themselves for fun and prizes. Our winners will also be drawing raffle tickets so that a few lucky audience members will win prizes as well. You must be present to win. Sign up sheet for teams will be on the horror panel room door starting Friday evening.

1:00pm  Ask a paranormal investigator: Bryan and Baxter of Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society will answer any and all questions about paranormal investigations, including questions about their own investigations.

3:00pm   Costuming on a budget: Several of our favorite costumers talk about costuming on a budget. You’d be surprised how much you can do with limited resources.














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