NinjaSith Creatives

Kurt Weinreich of NinjaSith Creatives comes from over 15 years of experience in the costuming and propmaking world. As a former Art Director and award-winning graphic designer, Kurt has utilized his experience in various media to enter the costuming world by adding the artistic touch of practical realism to specialize in multiple aspects of costuming and prop creation.

His passion for costuming started in 2004 with involvement with the charitable work of the 501st Legion, which launched several Star Wars based costumes that allowed for several awards for his charity work within the Colorado area that included expanded universe costumes requested at Star Wars Celebration. This interest evolved to include passion costume projects that required techniques in latex, leather, and electronics that took his costuming into the promotional arena. Kurt’s martial arts experience as a world champion has influenced many of his projects as he is requested to embody characters with these skills for appearances and live demonstrations, which included the only martial arts-based Batman characters featured in the 2020 DC Comics Fandome.

Kurt is now expanding NinjaSith Creatives to assist the next generation of costumers through practical instruction, educational presentations, collectible painting tutorials and continued costume creation.