Peter Macon

Well, it was inevitable, something like this always happens at the last minute. For reasons unknown, Scott Grimes got his work schedule for The Orville and has to work on Saturday. Some quick phone calls later and Peter Macon came to the rescue. He is stepping in to replace Scott at StarFest. Maybe next year Scott will be able to get Seth McFarland to replace him, eh?

Peter Macon is an American actor and voice-over artist who plays the role of Bortis the second officer aboard the The Orville. Peter has played roles in Dexter, The Shield, Bosch, and Shameless, among others. He has also done several voice-over roles for Twisted Metal, Cool Boarders, and Wolfenstein. He describes his childhood as one filled with Japanese anime and the movie Blade Runner, which he credits better prepared him for The Orville than his training on stage.

Anyone possessing an autograph or photo session ticket for Scott Grimes will be able to use it for Peter Macon. Additionally, Peter is also available for selfies. Peter will be at StarFest on Saturday April 27th and the morning of April 28th. His Q&A will be on Saturday in Main Events.