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All the Fests

StarFest is actually a collection of Festivals. Over the convention’s 30+ years, we’ve combined many special interests into one big media event. We wanted to make sure that the unique fandoms that we were combining were still being served individually. We felt that the best way to do that would be to have programming, and in many cases, entire rooms dedicated to each of those singlular interests.

It is the individual Fest events at StarFest that make our convention unique. StarFest isn’t a run of the mill science fiction convention or comic con. Please take a look around and look at the unique and interesting Fests that make StarFest a showcase of the broad spectrum of media entertainment.

ArtFest Our convention Art Show
ComicFest All events take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel
WhoFest Everything Dr Who
HorrorFest Guests! Panels! Authors!  Be Afraid – Be Very Afraid!
KlingonFest These guys love to party!
Cosplayers Lights-Cameras-Action!  Cosplayers here’s your chance to be Shiny!
ModelFest Putting things together for prizes and fun
RoboFest Large life-sized robots and photo-op
GameFest Focused on Board Games, Card Games, Role Playing and Miniatures.
ScienceFest Real science from scientists

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